Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald Share Details On Ivy Jane’s Birth, Name, And Reactions Of Big Brothers

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Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald’s baby girl is over a week old now and she has already had plenty of photos shared by the whole family since then. Now, Ivy Jane Seewald has been officially introduced to the world via her first video. She is seen all wrapped up in a blanket with a little head wrap covering her hair as her famous parents share a few details.

Every time a baby is born in the Duggar family, TLC will feature a short video with the new parents introducing their little bundle of joy. Jessa and Ben posted the clip on their blog called The Seewalds. Ben is holding their little girl in his arms as he begins sharing how they came up with her name. They picked out the name of Ivy Jane ahead of time, which is different than with their two boys, Spurgeon and Henry. It took a bit after they were born before the Seewalds shared what they had picked out. This time around, they were ready.

The proud daddy said that he and Jessa just loved the way Ivy Jane flowed together. He also mentioned that her middle name of Jane is named after Lady Jane Grey, who was the Queen of England for a short time back in 1553.

Jessa Duggar detailed the birth of Ivy Jane saying how quick it was. She explained that her water broke around 8:30 the morning of May 26, right before they were supposed to leave for church. Her contractions didn’t start until 2:30 p.m. Three and a half hours later, their daughter entered the world and into their hearts.

Ben seems to be quite enthralled by his daughter. He said what a special moment it was for him when she was born.

“I was just taking it all in. I don’t know how to describe it at that moment. The other day I was thinking that, wow, I could be walking her down the aisle one day.”

What do Spurgeon and Henry think of their little sister? Spurgeon held the baby for a few minutes, but Henry isn’t quite as experienced just yet. They said that he just keeps going around saying, “baby, baby.” Ben did say that the boys will need to be taught to be more gentle with their sister since they are used to be a little rough with each other.

Jessa Duggar is getting used to the idea of having a daughter after having two boys beforehand. She had previously mentioned that it will be very different if this one turns out to be a girl. She is getting used to it pretty quickly now mentioning how her world will now be full of bows, pink, ruffles, and lace.

The Seewalds also thanked everyone for their prayers and support. They look like they are settling right in now as a family of five. The pregnancy and birth of Ivy Jane will most likely be featured in the new season of TLC’s Counting On, which is returning sometime in the fall.