Miley Cyrus Blasted By Feminist For ‘Blatantly And Willfully’ Stealing Abortion Cake Design

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

As The Inquisitr reported, Miley Cyrus posted an Instagram photo on Tuesday of her licking a white-and-pink cake that reads, “ABORTION IS HEALTHCARE,” with the middle word underlined. The picture has thus far racked up 2.7 million likes in just five hours and adds Cyrus to the list of celebrities speaking out against controversial U.S. abortion laws.

But Delish reports that Becca Rea-Holloway, who has the Instagram handle The Sweet Feminist, called out the She Is Coming singer for stealing her cake design.

“It is a direct theft of my own original art work from May 2018, with no credit,” Rea-Holloway wrote after posting her design alongside Cyrus’ on her Instagram account.

“It’s literally my exact handwriting, message, and concept.”

“We saw the image online and didn’t realize it was yours,” Cyrus responded. “We will absolutely tag you for your work.”

The singer also made sure to clarify that the cake is an Instagram-only image and is “not on the Marc Jacobs x Planned Parenthood hoodie we made to raise money and awareness for Planned Parenthood, which I know is also close to your heart.”

But even after thanking Rea-Holloway, the D.C.-based baker isn’t satisfied. She claims that the use of her idea wasn’t a mistake and called it “blatantly and willfully neglectful and deceitful.”

“I would have been more than happy to work with you on a collaboration for this project,” she continued and accused Cyrus of copying her work without compensation.

Although Cyrus’ photo now tags The Sweet Feminist, the pop star has yet to clarify if she has responded to the self-proclaimed “rage baker” Rea-Holloway or made any agreement for financial compensation.

Cyrus is one of many celebrities to voice opposition to the “heartbeat bills” passed by states such as Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Ohio. Others include pop star Lady Gaga, actress Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain, and singer Rihanna.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer released her She Is Coming EP last week and recently uploaded an attention-grabbing picture to Instagram to thank fans for their support. As The Inquisitr reported, Cyrus is laying down on the floor in a white crop top and pair of jeans as she spreads her legs open. She holds a half-eaten banana covered in sprinkles over her crotch as she glares into the camera.

She Is Coming has six tracks, including collaborations with Ghostface Killah, RuPaul, Swae Lee, and Mike WiLL MAde-It. It is the singer’s first EP since her 2009 effort, The Time Of Our Lives.