NBA Rumors: Kevin Durant T-Shirt May Serve As Free Agency Clue

Ezra Shaw Getty Images

It’s the time of year when every little clue, including the clothes worn or endorsed by NBA players, is an indication of their ultimate intentions as to where they would like to play. This happened last season, when New Orleans’ Anthony Davis showed up to the season’s last home game in a “That’s All Folks” t-shirt, and earlier this week, per The Inquisitr, when Philadelphia’s Jimmy Butler sparked Lakers rumors when he was spotted in purple-and-gold shoes.

The latest version of this, per The Big Lead, is a shirt being sold by Nike which lists the cities where Kevin Durant has lived in throughout his life. The shirt lists the three towns in Maryland and Virginia where Durant lived while growing up; Austin, Texas, where he played his lone college season; Seattle, where he played as a rookie with the SuperSonics; Oklahoma City, where he played with the Thunder; and Oakland, where the Warriors have played their home games during his years with the team.

At the bottom of the list is San Francisco, where the Warriors will move into a new arena next season.

If Durant leaves the Warriors after this season, he won’t be joining them on their move to San Francisco. As such, the shirt is seen by some NBA observers as an indication that Durant is planning to stay with the Warriors this offseason and play next year in the new arena.

The evidence on the shirt, however, is quite thin. Most reporting on Durant’s thinking states that he has yet to make a free agency decision, and is certainly not solid enough about his plans that he would make things official on a T-shirt, and not in any other way. The theory also implies that Durant would give the scoop to Nike, and not to any NBA reporter.

A recent interview with the author of an upcoming Durant biography, per The Inquisitr, stated that Durant had not yet made a free agency decision, but that the odds of him remaining with Golden State were “improving,” as of early May. Marcus Thompson II, author of KD: Kevin Durant’s Relentless Pursuit To Be The Greatest, said in an interview that Durant’s “vacillating” nature makes it likely that he won’t make a decision for a while.

The New York Knicks are also seen as a contender to land Durant, who has been injured for the last several weeks but may return at some point during the NBA Finals. The Warriors are tied 1-1 with the Toronto Raptors, with Game 3 scheduled for Wednesday night in Oakland.