‘Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown Is Candid About Her Struggles With Anxiety

Frazier Harrison Getty Images

Hannah Brown is unlike any Bachelorette star we’ve seen in a while. The Alabama pageant queen received a mixed reaction when she was first announced as the new bachelorette following Colton Underwood’s season of The Bachelor. She had gained a reputation of being somewhat awkward after her nerves kept her from having a substantial conversation with Underwood during one of their one-on-one dates. Despite having some tension during the season with fellow cast member and former pageant rival Caelynn Miller-Keyes, the pair were able to set aside their differences and move forward drama free. The quality of forgiveness and maturity she displayed certainly earned her points and may have helped her gain her current coveted position as the bachelorette, according to Showbiz Cheatsheet.

Nevertheless, Brown attempts to give no impression of perfection throughout the episodes that have aired thus far. She has been honest and open from the get-go, telling the men pursuing her that they should expect nothing more from her than that of a regular girl just trying to find her future husband. Brown has repeatedly told the men gathered at the mansion to only show the true versions of themselves and be as honest as possible, a feat that some men have done better with than others.

Though this season of the Bachelorette has only just begun, we’ve already seen Brown taken to the hospital to be given fluids after passing out the morning she was supposed to take one of her guys out on a date. In a recent interview about what to expect from this seasons, Brown told The Hollywood Reporter that viewers could expect a variety of authentic emotions from her as the season pans out.

There’s no questioning that trying to find your husband among a sea of men all while being watched by millions of people is a little intimidating. Brown has been honest about the toll the show took on her mental health.

“Everybody has moments of sadness and anxiety — and you’ll see me deal with sadness and anxiety — and also being excited and happy and over the moon. I have all emotions, and I’m not afraid to show those.”

Bachelorette producer Nicole Woods explained why choosing Brown as the next star was an easy decision to make.

“Part of why we chose her is that she is as imperfect as we all are and she totally owns it. We felt that was truly authentic to her and that’s why that is a key theme for us this season because you will see that in the show. It doesn’t mean that other people haven’t been that way in the past, but I think that she really embraces that side of her.”