Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Ryan Seizes And Finn Has News, But This Isn’t Over Yet

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that Tuesday’s episode could be a big one. Jordan is running out of time to get a new kidney, and Ryan could save her life, but he’s not feeling terribly cooperative. Monday’s show ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, and viewers will see what comes next in this storyline with the June 4 episode.

During Monday’s show, Finn and Curtis talked about options when it came to getting Ryan’s kidney for Jordan. Their conversation crossed into dangerous territory, and the same can be said for Kevin after an unsuccessful visit with his brother. As the show ended, a mysterious someone was injecting something into Ryan’s IV line, and this probably is not going to bring good news for the evil twin.

The sneak peek for Tuesday revealed that soon Ryan will end up having a seizure. It seems likely that whatever was injected into him was designed to create this very kind of episode, and it may be engineered as a way to force him back into surgery. In theory, if Ryan were to die while in surgery, Kevin could surely approve a kidney donation as next of kin.

However, General Hospital spoilers signal that this storyline will head in a different direction. SheKnows Soaps notes that Stella will be pleading her case during the next show. As The Inquisitr detailed, General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will be begging Ryan to agree to become a donor.

As unlikely as it may seem, General Hospital spoilers noted earlier by The Inquisitr reveal that Stella’s approach will ultimately be successful. Given those teasers, it seems that this seizure of Ryan’s ends up being resolved without too much trouble and that Kevin, Finn, and Curtis can back down on their over-the-line plans.

Viewers will certainly be curious to see how Stella manages to convince Ryan to cooperate when nobody else could. Jordan is trying to reach a place of acceptance that she has run out of time, but Curtis and Finn have refused to give up.

General Hospital spoilers note that Finn will have some news to share with people on Tuesday. Regardless of what Finn shares next, it looks likely that it will take much of the week for this situation to fully play out.

Who is behind the injection Ryan received, and how far will those who love Jordan go to force Ryan to cooperate? What will Ryan’s fate be once he’s no longer needed as a donor? General Hospital spoilers suggest that there will some pretty intense moments coming this week as this storyline progresses.