John Stamos Reveals A Tattoo Of The Jonas Brothers At iHeartRadio Concert, Continues Instagram Feud

John Stamos and The Jonas Brothers are at it again. The popular band and the Fuller House star have exchanged light-hearted jokes on Instagram for months, so Stamos decided to pay the singers a visit at the recent iHeartRadio Wango Tango concert in Los Angeles.

Stamos reportedly walked up to the singers, took off his jacket, and revealed a tattoo of all three brothers on his arm. The entire thing was caught on video and shared on Instagram, reports ET.

After sharing a few laughs, Stamos and the band took a photo together — using the hashtag #UncleJonas as a way of welcoming the actor to the family.

It’s the latest move in a prank war between Stamos and the band that dates back to October of 2018, when “Uncle Jessie” wore a Jonas Brothers t-shirt. As “retaliation,” Nick Jonas wore a sweatshirt with Stamos’ picture on it, an act which he shared to Instagram with the caption, “It’s your move @johnstamos.”

As one might expect, Stamos responded. This time, Stamos was seen asleep on a pillow — one which had a picture of Nick Jonas printed on it. The picture, which was shared via Instagram, was given a humorous caption.

In response, Jonas shared a picture of himself sleeping with a comforter, a comforter featuring none other than Stamos.

The friendly feud seemed to come to end at the concert, when Stamos revealed the tattoo. Nick Jonas smiled and bowed to the actor, gesturing defeat.

Jonas’ new wife, Priyanka Chopra, wasn’t thrilled about her husband throwing in the towel though, per The Daily Mail. In the Instagram video that captures the tattoo reveal, viewers can hear Chopra say, ” No, don’t concede defeat yet!”

Stamos even urged Jonas to continue the pranks by writing, “Come on Nick, don’t be a sucker for me – this ain’t over yet,” on Instagram.

There’s no word yet on whether or not the inked faces on Stamos’ arm are real, but the actor was spotted at a restaurant a few days later — and the image was still there.

The Jonas Brothers are set to start their “Happiness Begins Tour,” and have asked fans which songs they’d like to hear. Again, Stamos has answered the call, this time by suggesting the band play, “Forever” — a song Stamos’ character is known for performing on both Full House and Fuller House, per The Inquisitr.

Will The Jonas Brothers learn the song, and sing it on tour, as the next move in their Instagram feud with John Stamos? Time will tell.

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