Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Wife Beth Chapman Shares Uplifting Message Of Hope Amid Cancer Battle

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

On Sunday, Beth Chapman shared a video of Christian preacher Joel Osteen speaking of faith and trust during times of fear and confusion. The timing makes sense, considering that the wife of Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is in the midst of a battle with stage II throat cancer.

Osteen’s Sunday sermon at Houston’s Lakewood Church referenced trusting God through times of frustration and stress. As Osteen usually does, he posted a brief snippet of his message on Twitter.

“When you know God has the final say, you don’t live frustrated, worried, stressed. You stay in peace, knowing that nothing can stop God’s plan,” he preached.

Beth retweeted that snippet, adding her own caption of “This is great.”

Although Beth didn’t mention specifics, it’s hardly surprising that she would retweet a preacher’s message of hope in difficult times, as she herself is going through hardship. Having already beaten back lung cancer, the 57-year-old is now struggling with throat cancer. Moreover, she’s ditched chemotherapy — the standard treatment for such a cancer — in favor of prayer and “alternative” treatments.

It also appears as if she’s in the midst of a very public battle with her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman.

Since Mother’s Day, Lyssa and her stepmother have been publicly airing their dirty laundry via a series of Twitter posts. It all started, as The Inquisitr reported at the time, when Beth accused Lyssa of ignoring her on Mother’s Day — and of blocking Beth’s phone number. Beth also claimed that Lyssa forbade her from attending her granddaughter Abbie’s graduation. Lyssa responded by denying Beth’s claims, providing a screen capture of a message, purportedly from Abbie, wishing Beth a happy Mother’s Day.

The two have continued to make thinly veiled references to their feud on social media since that initial exchange.

Meanwhile, fans of the Chapman family and their TV show know that the their Christian faith is an important part of their lives. For example, the family always prays before going out to hunt down a fugitive, an act which the TV cameras have made a point of showing.

On Mother’s Day, Beth spoke at a South Florida church, telling the congregation about the important role mothers play.

Beth has four children, two with Duane and two from previous relationships. Duane has nine children, seven of whom are still living, with the majority coming from previous relationships. Beth has referred to her stepchildren as her “bonus kids.”