June 3, 2019
Snooki's Picture Of Herself Crying As She Holds Newborn Angelo Could Not Be More Raw

Celebrity mothers taking to Instagram with their newborns has become pretty standard. Pictures tend to come with plenty of smiles even more than tears. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has already posted joyful snaps of her latest arrival. Her most recent update, however, is sending fans the raw and emotional side to the May 30 birth of her son Angelo James LaValle.

On June 2, Snooki updated her Instagram. The picture showed the Jersey Shore star holding Angelo in what appeared to be his very first moments in this world. His face was largely shielded from view, but it appeared pink – wet hair likewise suggested that Angelo hadn't been out of the womb for very long.

In what was likely an immensely moving and raw moment, Snooki was snapped cradling her third-born child looking nothing short of being overwhelmed. Appearing on the brink of tears with an expression of gratitude and sheer love, Snooki lay with her baby in a hospital bed. Snooki took to her caption to thank her mother for capturing the "beautiful moment."

Fan comments have been pouring in.

"This truly is beautiful.. got me emotional," one fan wrote.

"i love that your [sic] not all made up and 'photo ready' and were actually in the moment. beautiful," commented another.

Snooki and her husband Jionni LaValle didn't wait long to announce their family's latest addition. Their People-exclusive photo came with some words from Snooki herself.
"So thrilled to welcome baby Angelo into our little family! He is so sweet and a spitting image of Lorenzo as a baby. Jionni and I can't wait to see how being outnumbered turns out!"
Angelo joins his two older siblings Lorenzo and Giovanna. As the above photo shows, these two kids have already gotten acquainted with their baby brother. The 31-year-old mother chose not to feature in her June 1 update. Rather, she opted to send fans a quadruple update showing Angelo bonding with his older brother and sister.Buzz surrounding Snooki's third pregnancy has been intense ever since she announced that a third child was on the way back in November of last year. The star documented her growing bump via Instagram. Naturally, fans went wild when Snooki actually announced the birth.

Snooki's raw and moving snap had racked up over 770,000 likes within 10 hours of being posted. Comments were left by Jersey Shore co-star Jennifer "JWoww" Farley alongside new mother Amy Schumer. Snooki has 12.4 million Instagram followers. Fans wishing to see more of Snooki and her family should follow her on Instagram.