‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Julian Makes Moves, Drew & Kim Return, & Curtis Takes Big Risks

Craig SjodinABC

The week of June 3 will be a wild one on General Hospital. Spoilers detail that people in Port Charles will be scrambling on multiple fronts, and things will be emotionally charged as everybody tries to get a handle on the chaos.

Ryan told Curtis that he will give up his kidney if all the charges against him are dropped, but that’s a demand that Curtis probably can’t fulfill. General Hospital spoilers noted by The Inquisitr suggest that Curtis will come up with an alternate plan that he hopes Finn can help him with this week. However, this proposal could put both men at significant risk.

As the week plays out, SheKnows Soaps shares that Stella will make a plea while Jordan will wonder about Ryan. General Hospital spoilers have hinted that Jordan will be on her way to a full recovery soon, but it’s unclear whether Ryan dies, gets sent to prison, or somehow escapes again.

Willow is desperately worried about Wiley’s safety, but now, she has a team anxious to help her. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will take significant steps to try to resolve this situation in his own way, and viewers saw last week he asked Sam to help.

As this baby swap storyline intensifies, Harmony will return and have a difficult conversation with Willow. Lucas has a confession of some sort to make and someone cautions Willow to be careful. Shiloh definitely should not be counted out here, as Soap Central teases that things will be looking up for him over the next few days.

Kim and Drew traveled to Mount Kilimanjaro to spread Oscar’s ashes and fans have been speculating about what would happen with their return. Some have wondered if at this point Drew, played by Billy Miller, might even end up leaving General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Kim and Drew will return to Port Charles this week though and they’ll both try to move forward.

Franco will spend time at Kiki’s grave during Monday’s show, and Carly will visit Morgan’s grave on Tuesday. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Margaux will resist being pressured and Kevin will be up to something tricky.

The week of June 3 will have a date between Sasha and Michael, as well as Elizabeth doing her best to cheer up those close to her. Maxie and Nina will be conspiring, probably in relation to Jax’s news about Crimson, and both Maxie and Peter will worry about Lulu.

All signs point toward bombshells dropping with the baby swap storyline over the next couple of weeks as everybody involved becomes increasingly desperate. Answers should come this week regarding Ryan’s future, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there are some romantic and positive developments on the horizon as well.