WWE News: Jon Moxley Says Vince McMahon ‘Is The Problem,’ Needs To Let Triple H Run Things


Ever since it was announced that Dean Ambrose would not be re-signing with WWE, everyone thought they would remain on good terms. Then, Ambrose reverted back to Jon Moxley and debuted for All Elite Wrestling at Double or Nothing, and things took a very interesting turn. Now, Moxley has been speaking his mind on his time with the company and he’s had an awful lot to say about Vince McMahon.

During an interview with Chris Jericho, Moxley revealed why he left WWE and the moment that he knew he was done with the company. The Inquisitr also reported that Moxley thought Vince was paying Brock Lesnar “billions of dollars to come in and ruin his company.”

All of the things he has said has been extremely strong and it’s been said by many unnamed sources that others in WWE actually agree with him. Now, he’s taking things a step further and is throwing more shots at Vince McMahon.

Moxley recently appeared on an episode of The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast and started opening up about a lot of other things. At one point, Moxley went as far as to say that the problem with WWE is actually Vince himself and it may be better for the company if they were to let Triple H run things for a while.

Vince McMahon stands in the ring and addresses the WWE Universe.
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Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose in WWE, said he believed that his relationship with Vince was a good one. He often would go straight to Vince and past all the layers of approval people in creative and on different executive levels, but he felt that was something that wasn’t a big deal.

Despite saying that he felt like “one of Vince’s guys,” Moxley said that he feels the biggest issue with WWE right now us the boss.

“Looking back though, Vince is the problem. It’s a shame, I’m not trying to tear him down, I’m trying to help. I’m telling you, that’s the problem and It’s a shame. Because there is so much talent, there has never been so much talent, the pool is so talented. The resources they have, with the network, with television it should be so great. But, the one guy that screwed it up, I think is Vince.”

From there, Moxley went on to say that NXT is good and everyone seems to like the show, but he’s never been a part of the version it is now. He feels as if he knows what the difference is and changing things up with the main roster could help WWE.

“What’s the key ingredient that’s missing (in NXT)? Vince. He is the guy that created wrestling. But now I feel like he is the guy holding it back. He needs to take a break, maybe just let Hunter run things for a month.”

Dean Ambrose seethes at ringside on "Monday Night Raw."
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Jon Moxley feels as if Vince’s “golden touch” has faded over the years and that he’s not as much of a genius as he was back in the ’80s. When it all comes down to it, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose believes that Vince McMahon needs to figure out what is going on in wrestling today or “step aside” and let someone else take over. In his eyes, Moxley believes that person may be Triple H.