The Blogger Reportedly Behind The Nancy Pelosi ‘Drunk’ Viral Video Is A Trump Super Fan On Probation

While digging for the source of the slow-motion Nancy Pelosi video which alleged that the Speaker of the House was drunk, The Daily Beast discovered that the creator and original poster of the video is a Donald Trump superfan who is currently on probation.

Shawn Brooks, who posted the video called “Is Pelosi Drunk?” is a sometimes sports blogger from the Bronx. Brooks posted the video initially on his personal Facebook page. Soon after, the video was doctored even more, and posted on another page that Brooks manages on Facebook called AllNews 24/7, which then turned up in an identical format (a director’s cut) to the viral video from Politics Watchdog.

The Daily Beast says that the prose attached to the video was identical to the one created by Brooks.

“House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on President Donald Trump walking out infrastructure meeting: ‘It was very, very, very strange,'” the post said.

The video then took the term viral to a new level, being passed on by Donald Trump, James Woods, and Rudy Giuliani, suggesting that Pelosi was either drunk or had lost a step.

But in a phone interview, Brooks, 34, a day laborer on probation after taking a guilty plea to a domestic violence charge, says that it’s just a coincidence and that his video is not the one which went viral.

But a Facebook official says that the video uploaded to the Politics Watchdog group is the same as the Brooks Facebook video.

Brooks admitted that he is involved in the management of both Politics Watchdog and AllNews 24/7 Facebook pages, and ad revenue from both go to his PayPal account. He also said that the viral video made him $1,000, and likely made the social media platform much more.

“It makes money for Facebook too. I’m sure that’s their motive for not taking it down,” Brooks said.

But a Facebook spokesperson says this is untrue, and that the company wants nothing to do with fake news.

“We have zero interest in making money from fake news and our policy is to not allow people to make money from content that has been rated false by a fact-checker.”

But Brooks still insists that while he has knowledge of the video, he wasn’t the one who posted the video, and instead it was a female administrator who he would not name, adding that there are around six administrators who have the access to post a video, but he’s not naming his associates.