Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless: Chelsea’s Stunning News

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Brand new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Chelsea gives Sharon some stunning details about her life away from Genoa City and Adam is not thrilled to hear the latest.

Sharon (Sharon Case) visits Adam (Mark Grossman) at the tack house to relay Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan) message. First of all, Chelsea felt extreme surprise to learn that Adam is still alive. Unfortunately, for Chelsea, it’s too late for the three of them to be a family again. It seems that both Chelsea and Connor have new identities and a new life outside of Genoa City. Not only that, but Chelsea is also married, and her new husband adopted Connor. Because she’s settled, Chelsea isn’t even willing for her or Connor to see Adam. She does not want to subject her son to any more upheaval, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Sharon warns Adam to give up on Chelsea and Connor, but Adam won’t hear of it. He goes to talk to Victor (Eric Braeden), and Adam’s dad gives him the same advice — don’t disrupt Connor’s life anymore. However, Adam points out that Victor didn’t give up on him, and Adam isn’t willing to give up on either Connor or Christian even though Victor also told him that taking Christian away from Nick (Joshua Morrow) would be cruel.

Since he feels like his family is against him, Adam decides to use the capital Victoria (Amelia Heinle) gave him to start his own thing, and she’s the only one who’s happy about it. However, it’s possible that Adam could end up hurting Victoria’s position at Newman Enterprises, even if he doesn’t work there, and compete against her directly.

Even though Chelsea says she’s involved elsewhere, it does not seem that her marriage will be the final word on the subject. The Inquisitr reported that Chelsea actress Melissa Claire Egan recently posted a teaser photo of herself alongside Adam Newman actor Mark Grossman with their couple’s name “Chadam.” With Egan’s return to the soap, it does not sound like Chelsea will remain wherever she is with her new husband and new life. It’s also possible that Chelsea is lying about the husband and the adoption — Chelsea is a con woman, and at times, she’s challenging to figure out.

Expect to see Chelsea soon, and there’s no chance that she and Adam don’t somehow confront each other and figure something out for Connor at the very least.