‘General Hospital’ Casting Shocker: New Actor Portraying Danny, Sam And Jason’s Son, TK Weaver Out

General Hospital viewers received something of a shocker with Friday’s episode, and it wasn’t related to the Dawn of Day or Ryan storylines. Rather, a new face popped up as Sam and Jason made a big move in their relationship and this one rattled many fans.

A young actor named TK Weaver has been playing the role of Danny Morgan, Sam and Jason’s son, since 2016. Now, however, there is somebody new in the role. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if this is a temporary recast.

As Friday’s show began to air, people noticed the change in young actors and took to Twitter about it. General Hospital fans were confused, and Weaver said via his Twitter page that he had been recast. Once the news was out, Weaver added additional tweets sharing a bit of additional information and thanking those with the show.

“I found out a couple weeks ago but I was asked not to tell anyone. Broke my heart. I love you all so much. I love my GH family and all of you who make my day everyday!!! You guys are the best!”

Weaver tweeted that he couldn’t even keep up with all of the amazing posts that General Hospital fans were sharing in reaction to the news. He also said he was sorry and that he would miss his GH family more than everybody knew.

“I loved being Danny Morgan for 3 years. I learned so much. I wish I could have grown up more on the show but it didn’t happen unfortunately. Good luck to the new Danny!! I hope you all love him too! Truly. I want to thank @kellymonaco1 for being the most beautiful & classiest set mom a kid could ever ask for. Also the amazing #billymiller who isn’t on social media but who called me with great advice & offered to come to my house and give me a big bear hug if I ever need one.”

Weaver also shared a tweet with a shoutout to Steve Burton, who plays Jason. It seems that each of the cast members who worked closely with the young actor has gone above and beyond to ensure he’s doing okay after the shock of being let go and recast.

ABC Soaps in Depth notes that Weaver was the first solo actor to be in the role. When Danny was younger, sets of twins traded off in the spot. TK first appeared on-screen in May 2016. While he wasn’t always seen all that frequently, viewers enjoyed his work and were rattled to see him replaced.

Based on the look of the new actor who first appeared during Friday’s episode, it looks as if General Hospital may be working on some aging of the younger characters. Those who have been with the show for a long time know that the teens and little kids are out-of-sync in terms of their respective ages and it may be that other changes are on the horizon.

It looks like General Hospital fans are shocked and saddened to see TK Weaver go, especially with it happening so suddenly. Viewers will be quite anxious to see what the writers plan to do with the character of Danny Morgan in the months ahead.

Sam asked Jason to move back into the penthouse with her and the kids, and he agreed. This was great news for Danny and General Hospital fans who love “JaSam” are thrilled to see this relationship taking this leap forward. Additional spoilers regarding what comes next for the family should emerge in the days ahead.

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