Michael Jackson’s Lawyer Thomas Mesereau Says Public Will ‘Forget About’ Documentary ‘Leaving Neverland’

Michael Jackson is accused of molesting Wade Robson and James Safechuck from the ages of 10 and 7, respectively, in the controversial HBO and Channel 4 documentary Leaving Neverland. As of now, Jackson has gained the support of many, including former bodyguard Matt Fiddes and Madonna, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Now, the King of Pop’s former lawyer — Thomas Mesereau, who defended him against similar accusations back in 2004 — claims that the new accusations won’t stick, per TooFab.

“I think his outstanding qualities will win out,” he said. “He was a great artist, a great person, honest, decent… I think in the end all the good qualities of Michael Jackson will prevail.”

“This is just a temporary blip; it will go up, and then go down, and then you’ll forget about it.”

Mesereau has represented many controversial public figures in the past, including Mike Tyson, Bill Cosby, and Suge Knight.

“People should just focus on his great qualities: his charitable endeavors, his humanitarianism, his great artistry, he was an exceptional human being and a very good human being, and all his good qualities are going to prevail,” he said.

When Mesereau was pressed about proof of Jackson’s innocence, he pointed to the case in which he defended Jackson against accusations of sexual assault. These legal proceedings led to the “Smooth Criminal” singer being cleared of all charges, including four counts of molesting a minor and four counts of intoxicating a minor to molest them.

Fiddes recently doubled down on his defense of Jackson in an Instagram post, one that reveals a clip from Michael Jackson: Chase The Truth, an upcoming documentary that the former bodyguard claims will “ruin” the career of Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed. He says that with such a large staff — one comprised of 100 security guards and 150 staff — Jackson could never have been left alone with children at his Neverland ranch.

However, Reed said that he did all of the necessary research to ensure that Robson and Safechuck’s accusations were valid. He says that he listened to days of interviews, and did approximately 18 months of research. Not only that, Reed says he attempted to poke holes in Robson and Safechuck’s accounts of abuse.

Reed also interviewed the police investigators — and the sheriff’s department investigators — that did work into Jackson’s background, and claims that all of them were sure of the singer’s guilt.

Jackson’s family remain unconvinced of Reed’s claims. They are in the process of suing HBO over a 30-year-old non-disparagement clause, although they recently lost the first round of the lawsuit, per The Hollywood Reporter.

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