Maci Bookout Talks Ryan Edwards And Mackenzie Standifer Ahead Of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 10 Premiere

John PhillipsGetty Images

Maci Bookout may have posed alongside Mackenzie Standifer in a family holiday card months ago, but according to a new report, the ladies aren’t on the best of terms. In fact, during an interview with Us Weekly magazine on May 31, the Teen Mom OG cast member and mother of three confirmed she and Standifer don’t have much of a relationship at all.

“It’s not negative. It’s not a bad relationship, there’s just really not one,” Bookout admitted.

Over the holidays, as Ryan Edwards continued to face legal drama stemming from a past drug arrest, Bookout, Standifer and their children — Bentley, 10, Hudson, 4, Jayde, 3, Maverick, 2, and Jagger, 3-months — posed for what appeared to be a happy family photo. Meanwhile, Edwards remained unseen and was ultimately confirmed to be serving time behind bars.

Following Edwards’ release from jail earlier this year, he has been keeping a low profile and, according to Bookout, the two have not communicated with one another at all. But that could be for the best. After all, if Edwards was to contact his former girlfriend, he would be in violation of a two-year restraining order, which Bookout and her family, including husband Taylor McKinney and their two kids, were granted in May of last year.

As Teen Mom OG fans may recall, Bookout and McKinney requested a restraining order for themselves and their children last year after Edwards allegedly made several threats against them.

During her interview with Us Weekly magazine, Bookout also explained why she’s kept her son, 10-year-old Bentley, in the loop with his father’s ongoing legal and drug addiction issues.

“Even if people don’t talk about us, like, we’re on TV at home, kids always tell the truth. People are talking about it at home. So I definitely don’t want him going to school and some kid saying, ‘Oh so-and-so told me’ or ‘my mom showed me’ or ‘I saw this,'” Bookout said.

“From the standpoint of him being able to process, comprehend and understand, and get through it in a healthy manner, I think he needs to know what’s going on,” she added.

Bookout also said that, as Bentley’s mom, she does her best to assure him that no matter what goes on with his father, he has plenty of people in his life who love and support him.

To see more of Bookout, Edwards and Standifer, tune into the Teen Mom OG Season 10 premiere on Monday, June 10 at 9 p.m. on MTV.