Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Resistant To Curtis’ Demands, Pushes Him Over The Line

Valerie DurantABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode hint that things will get quite intense between Ryan and Curtis. Jordan’s life hangs in the balance and Ryan’s kidney could save her. He is fully aware of how desperate Curtis is to make this happen, and it sounds as if he may make an outrageous demand in exchange for agreeing to be a donor.

Thursday’s show revealed that Ryan was out of surgery and Franco confronted him about the loss of Kiki. Naturally, Ryan did his best to needle Franco. Later, Curtis showed up and insisted that Ryan should be willing to give Jordan his kidney since he’s probably only alive due to Curtis’ intervention with the PCPD.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ryan will decide to push this a step further. As Curtis grabs his hospital gown neckline, Ryan will ask what his kidney is really worth to him.

Of course, viewers know that this means absolutely everything to Curtis as it is the only viable option available right now for saving Jordan. Just how far will Curtis go in this quest?

Based on the sneak peek for Friday’s show, it looks as if Ryan may already have an idea of what he would consider a fair exchange. Can he push Curtis to do something he ordinary would resist? It certainly seems possible.

According to Soap Central, next week Curtis will be willing to do whatever it takes to get that kidney. Obviously, Ryan will need to go through a surgery to make this happen, and it could be an interesting cat-and-mouse game to see what he demands from Curtis in return and whether Curtis will follow through on whatever is demanded after the surgery is done.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that during the show airing on Monday, June 3, Curtis will be willing to risk everything. Could he end up agreeing to help Ryan escape in exchange for that kidney? Ryan must be thinking of an option like this, as he has no interest in spending the rest of his life behind bars and he surely cannot escape on his own at this point.

There are signs that Jordan gets the transplant and that Ryan seems to be out of the picture soon. Thursday’s show will have Jordan wondering about Ryan, and General Hospital spoilers note that soon Jordan and Curtis will be investigating something related to Stella so they seem ready to move past this medical crisis.

In addition, on Wednesday, June 12, Ava will face having to cut her losses. That could be taken to mean that she has to accept that she will have to forge forward without the kind of revenge she wanted against Ryan for taking Kiki from her.

Will Ryan’s status be left open-ended or will he be safely put behind bars? Viewers will see Ryan make his demands during Friday’s episode, and General Hospital spoilers hint that big answers will come next week.