WWE News: Triple H Confirms A Main Roster Superstar Has Been Moved Back To NXT


When the McMahon family stepped in the ring and said they were going to “shake things up” in WWE, many fans wondered just what that meant. Now, there has been another Superstar Shake-Up, the creation of the “Wild Card Rule,” and the debut of the 24/7 Championship. There had also been talk about some main roster superstars heading back to NXT, and Triple H has now confirmed that one has already done just that.

Some fans used to look at NXT as the developmental brand, with the main goal of a superstar to be brought up to the main roster. Now, NXT is being seen more like a third brand and not as the minor leagues or anything similar to that kind of description.

That being said, being brought back to NXT from the main roster should not be seen as a demotion, and Triple H believes that.

Tyler Breeze had been in limbo for quite some time after his tag team partner, Fandango, was injured. Ever since that time, he’s had very little direction and disappeared from WWE television completely. Now, he may have a new path.

At NXT TakeOver XXV, Tyler Breeze doesn’t just have a match; he’s facing Velveteen Dream for the NXT North American Championship. It’s a huge opportunity for him and one that could work out for quite some time.

Velveteen Dream will face Tyler Breeze at "NXT TakeOver XXV."
Featured image credit: WWE

When Breeze showed up in NXT, fans had thought that it would be temporary, as other superstars had gone back in the past. The fact that Breeze is getting a title match is quite serious, and it’s a feud that could continue past NXT TakeOver XXV.

Wrestling Inc. spoke with Triple H about a number of things regarding NXT, and he was asked about the status of Breeze right now. His response was somewhat expected, but the true confirmation has now been given.

“For me, Tyler Breeze is in NXT right now,” Triple H said. “I’m thrilled to have him and think he’s one of the greatest talents out there. In some way they’ve talked about it in the show, but sort of Velveteen Dream being the today’s version of Tyler Breeze…this match to me has all the markings of being a sleeper than could steal the show.”

Triple H went on to say that if there is someone on the main roster who is “talented and with creatively, they are in a holding pattern,” they could be moved to NXT. Breeze moving back to NXT doesn’t mean he is there for good, but it’s just the right time for him to be there.