Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Ava Faces The Judge And Scott Has A Proposition For Margaux

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode detail that Ava will be headed to court as she faces the consequences for what she did to Ryan. Scott is going to be right by her side and he thinks he has a winning strategy for saving his friend.

As viewers saw earlier this week, Scott wasted no time in getting to the PCPD to help Ava as soon as he heard about what happened at the cabin. Ryan did make it through surgery, so that helps Ava’s case. Now, General Hospital spoilers tease that Scott will be anxious to connect with Margaux before things progress too far.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Scott will be prepared to support Ava in every way she needs. In addition, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Margaux will feel torn. This might be related to Shiloh and how he asked her to ensure that any evidence Jason, Sam, and Sonny have against him disappears. However, this indecision may also be related to Ava’s case.

The sneak peek shown at the end of Thursday’s show teases that when Margaux and Scott get into the courtroom, he’ll taunt her a bit. He’ll point his finger at her and tell her he’s about to do her a favor, but Margaux will seemingly look pretty skeptical.

Ava will need to enter a plea and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will forcefully insist that she is not guilty. Right now, no additional teasers are available that detail what will become of Ava. Scott will surely find a way to get her out of this mess, despite how dire the situation looks right now.

While viewers will have to wait and see what happens next with Ryan, General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava may have to accept some disappointing news soon. The episode airing on Wednesday, June 12, will show Ava cutting her losses in some sense.

This is surely connected to Ava’s case and Ryan’s recovery. General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan may manage to get out of this current tight spot somehow due to how desperate Curtis is to save Jordan. If that does happen, it definitely will impact Ava too.

Ava wanted justice for Kiki, and she wanted to see Ryan’s life end at her hand. However, it looks like she may have to settle for something less.

Friday’s episode will be jam-packed with action and General Hospital spoilers tease that the week of June 3 will be a wild one. Will Ava end up behind bars? It sounds as if there are still be some twists and turns on the way that will have viewers buzzing and fans are anxious to see what comes next.