Craigslist Ad Written By Josh Lucas’ Ex-Wife Goes Viral, Describes Life After Divorce

D DipasupilGetty Images

A well-written Craigslist ad can sell items fast, but a recent ad written by a celebrity’s ex-wife was so well-written that it went viral. Thousands of people responded to an ad posted by Josh Lucas’ ex-wife, Jessica Ciencin Henriquez, reports Yahoo! Entertainment.

Henriquez and Lucas, who is best known for his roles in Sweet Home Alabama and A Beautiful Mind, divorced in 2014. Henriquez took to the internet to unload some of her belongings as she plans to move out of NYC.

Henriquez, who writes for a living, listed a mattress, a set of mugs, a kitchen table, and a rocker in an ad she titled, “Moving On Is Hard to Do Sale.”

The 2,000-word post was less about the actual items for sale and more about what the objects represented in the wake of a breakup.

While describing the queen mattress, for example, she talked about broken dreams.

“I had beautiful dreams in this bed…And when I woke up, I believed that maybe I could start over with another someone who was capable of loving me like I deserved to be loved. Anyway, this mattress has no stains, no damage, and the tears have dried.”

When describing the rocker, she recalled buying the piece of furniture with her husband for the arrival of their son. The parents-to-be wanted so desperately to find the right rocker for such an occasion, she wrote.

“We walked up every aisle and sat in each option they had, laughing at how seriously we were taking this one task. But that baby grew up, and that marriage ended.”

While their marriage did ultimately end in divorce, Lucas and Henriquez had a whirlwind relationship. They met at a dog park in 2011, were engaged six weeks later, got married and divorced within two years, and then moved back in together after finalizing the divorce, explains People. However, the reunion didn’t last very long.

Henriquez didn’t say where she plans to move but says the struggle of divorce is part of life.

“Live. Hurt. Heal. Repeat,” she wrote.

As a result of the post, Henriquez was overwhelmed by more than 2,000 messages. She took to Twitter on Thursday to tell everyone she was taking the post down, and that the ad was too much for her to handle emotionally.

Henriquez donated all of the money from the sale of her items to a charity, Moms for Moms NYC, which helps single mothers.