‘Egg Boy’ From Viral Video Is Donating The $69,000 Raised For Him Via GoFundMe To Shooting Victims


Shortly after the tragic Christchurch shootings in New Zealand, Australian Senator Fraser Anning made some pretty controversial public statements that caused quite a stir. The shootings, which took place in March, were a series of terrorist attacks upon two separate mosques. At the time, many innocent people were gathered in the mosques for peaceful worship. They were unaware that a gunman with a camera strapped to his body would soon walk into their sacred space and open fire, killing 51 people. Senator Anning made comments suggesting that Muslim immigration should be blamed for the tragedy. His statements angered many, including a teenage boy named Will Connelly, according to ABC News.

Connelly was so disgusted by Senator Anning’s statements that he decided to take it upon himself to teach him a lesson. With a camera recording in one hand, the teen approached the senator who’s back was turned as he gave an interview. In what has since become a viral video, Connelly smacks Senator Anning in the head with an egg, sending yolk running down his clothes. The senator spun around and punched the boy several times in the head before they could both be restrained.

Many people across social media were glad to see someone Connelly’s age standing up for what he believes in politically and began donating money to him through two separate GoFundMe pages to show their support. Over time, approximately $69,000 was awarded to him to assist with any legal fees he may have after the incident. However, a legal team ended up helping him out for free, leaving him to decide what to do with all the money. Rather than keeping it for himself, he decided to donate it to the Christchurch Foundation to offer some relief to the victims.

Connelly explained his reasoning in an Instagram post.

“For those of you who don’t know, there were 2 Go Fund Me pages set up to help cover the cost of my legal fees and to ‘buy more eggs’. Gratefully, Gordon Legal acted probono for me so I don’t have any legal fees. I decided to donate all monies to help provide some relief to the victims of the massacre… it wasn’t mine to keep.”

He went on to thank the many people that donated and showed him their support in the wake of the viral video.

“To the victims of the Tragedy, I whole heartedly hope that this can bring some relief to you. Keep spreading the love,” he concluded.