Jenna Bush Hager Recalls Her Father Breaking Her Nirvana CD In Half When She Was Young

Jamie McCarthy Getty Images

Jenna Bush Hager grew up differently than the rest of us in that she spent her adolescent years in the White House with the spotlight on her as one of former President George Bush’s two daughters. However, in many ways, she was a normal kid who got into the same sort of trouble most of us can likely recall getting in when we were younger. During Wednesday’s episode of Today with Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager, Jenna sat down with Carson Daly to discuss the types of music they listened to when they were kids. When her father caught her listening to a not so kid-friendly song on her CD player, he lost his temper, according to Today.

The duo got onto the topic of music with questionable lyrics when Daly brought up the fact that his own son enjoys rap music. This can be hard for him to deal with, knowing the kind of foul language that is often used in such songs.

Hager recalls that the first CD she ever bought with her own money was Nirvana. When she was still young, her father overheard her listening to one of Nirvana’s less than appropriate songs and got pretty angry. He took the CD out and broke it into two pieces over his knee in a fit of rage that was pretty atypical for him. While Hager wouldn’t give away what particular track it was, she stated that most true Nirvana fans will likely pick up upon which one she’s talking about pretty quickly.

“There was a really bad song on it, which I’ll tell you during commercial, but my dad heard it. And my dad heard me playing it on my little Discman or whatever CD player. He broke the CD over his leg. He never was mad like that. But this particular song really encourages, you know, I mean to hear your little daughter listen to it, you know what I’m thinking of.”

Daly, a Nirvana fan himself, didn’t take long to recall the song she was speaking of and gasped at the thought of the former leader of the free world overhearing his young daughter listening to such lyrics.

Aside from this particular occasion, Hager said that her dad was generally pretty open about the types of music that she and her sister Barbara listened to and let them experiment around with a wide variety of different genres.

“Other than that, when we would drive, he would let me in our little minivan, put on, like the Green Day Dookie CD and he would listen to it.”