Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Franco’s Angry And Jordan Remains Hopeful For Ryan’s Kidney

Craig SjodinABC

Thursday’s episode should be a fantastic one for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Ryan will play an integral role in the May 30 show, and Franco will be dealing with some intense anger. Jordan and Curtis are still desperately hoping that Ryan’s kidney can soon become hers, but no clear strategy for making this happen has been revealed yet.

The sneak peek shared at the end of Wednesday’s episode hinted that Ryan will be in a room, post-surgery, during the next show. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps tease that Franco will be confrontational with someone, and now fans know that this is who he will face.

It looks like viewers are assuming that this is Ryan who is awake and alert after his surgery. It may well be that this is Ryan, but it also seems possible that it could be Kevin, as well. The last that viewers saw of Kevin, he was being tended to after his brother left him hanging from the rafters at the Nurses Ball. It could be that he is currently a patient at GH, recovering from his brother’s attack.

Whether Ryan’s awake and alert — having survived the attack on Ava — or whether he’s still in surgery — and Kevin is the one in the room as a patient — Franco will have a few things to say to him. Franco ended up behind bars thanks to Ryan’s antics, and he’ll have Kiki on his mind as he begins this confrontation.

Soap Central notes that Franco will be in a foul mood this week, and finding out that Ryan was still alive makes it easy to see where this mood may come from. Not only that, but Franco will note that it’s Kiki’s birthday — and this is surely sparking some big waves of emotion for him.

As this encounter happens, General Hospital spoilers detail that Finn will talk with Jordan and Curtis. Viewers watched as Curtis went to great lengths to get Ryan back to Port Charles alive. However, Curtis wants Ryan’s kidney to save Jordan’s life, and Finn points out that they need to get his consent to move forward.

There is little reason to think that Ryan will willingly consent to give up an organ to save the police commissioner. If he does survive the surgery, could a deal be floated to try to win his agreement? Could Kevin consent to the donation as the next of kin if Ryan doesn’t make it?

Thursday’s show also has more to come — with a shocker set to play out at Crimson, as well as plenty of baby-swap drama. General Hospital spoilers suggest that there are a lot of juicy developments on the horizon, and fans are anxious to see exactly where things stand with this Ryan situation.