Thomas Markle Jr. Blames Sister Meghan After Reaching A ‘Low Point’ In His Life

Dominic LipinskiGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s half-brother, Thomas Markle Jr. says he’s at the lowest point of his life and says that it’s all the fault of the Duchess and the royal family for not helping him out. Markle, 52, a resident of Oregon says that his life was thrust into the spotlight as a result of Meghan Markle’s marriage to Prince Harry.

Express says that Thomas Markle Jr., who shares a father with the Duchess of Sussex says he is now homeless and living in a hotel with his fiancée and their pets as a result of being pushed into the public eye by his association with the royal family. He says that every move he makes has been “put under the microscope” in the town of Grant’s Pass, Oregon which has caused his family to become homeless after he lost his job as a glazier because of an illness.

The younger Thomas Markle doesn’t mention that both he and his fiancée have been arrested more than once over the last year (he has been arrested for both drunken driving and domestic violence since the beginning of the year). The couple were evicted from their rental home for lack of payment in March and moved with her son and their two dogs to a hotel which he says is very expensive.

He is now publicly criticizing Duchess Meghan for not supporting him since she married into the British royal family, despite their prior estrangement.

“This is the lowest point of my life. Living in a small hotel room is really taking its toll on Darlene and her son – on all of us. And it’s all because my life suddenly got catapulted into the spotlight – through no fault of my own. Now there’s been so much said about me – both true and untrue – no one wants to lease me a house or give me a job.”

But Markle says that his plan to turn his life around is to start competing in a celebrity boxing match against actor Henry “Nacho” Laun. When the Celebrity Boxing 68 match debuts on June 8, Markle, who is calling himself “The Duke” for the event, is hoping to get his half-sister’s attention, he told the Atlantic City Weekly.

“If I dedicate the fight to her and baby Archie, maybe he can have a role model (in me) to look up to for the rest of this life.”

Thomas Markle Jr. has been training for the last few weeks in Philadelphia with former boxer, Damon Feldman, known as the “Jewish Rocky.”