‘One Punch Man’ Season 2, Episode 8 Spoilers: Saitama Appears After Suiryu Cries For Help

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The Super Fight 22 tournament concluded with Saitama being disqualified while fighting Suiryu in the finals. The judges learned that Saitama was only using a wig to disguise as Charanko which made them decide to officially declare Suiryu as the winner. The latest episode of One Punch Man featured the awarding of the Super Fight 22 tournament.

After receiving the trophy, Suiryu reacted to the announcer’s statement that he finished the tournament “completely unscathed.” Suiryu revealed that he may no longer be alive if Saitama didn’t pull his punch during their fight. After the announcement, all the people were advised to stay in their current location as numerous monsters have appeared outside the arena. Suiryu doesn’t seem to be concerned at all, saying that all he needs to do right now is to relax and avoid meeting Saitama again.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 featured three bird monsters going inside the arena while carrying the three contestants of the Super Fight 22 tournament who were sent to the hospital. The leader of the monsters also arrived and tried to convince the participants to eat the monster cells that they have brought and join the Monster Association.

After seeing how powerful the monsters are, some of the participants ate the monster cells and immediately turned into a monster. Suiryu easily defeated most of the monsters until he faced Choze, a semifinalist in the Super Fight 22 tournament who fought Saitama. At first, Suiryu and Choze seemed to be on the same power level with the latter being able to create a huge energy ball using his horns. Suiryu still managed to win in the end but his body took a huge amount of damage.

After knocking Choze out, One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 showed Suiryu facing the leader of the monsters. After seeing his capability and skills, the leader of the monsters tried to convince Suiryu to eat the monster cells and become one of them. Suiryu picked up one of the monster cells in the ground, making most people believe that he made up his mind to join the Monster Association. However, Suiryu threw it to the face of the monster and attacked him with multiple punches.

Unfortunately, Suiryu proved to be no match against the leader of the monsters. To make things more complicated for him and the humans inside the arena, Bakuzan, a top contender in the Super Fight 22 tournament, ate the monster cell and turned into a very powerful monster. The final scenes of One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 featured Suiryu calling for help from the heroes to defend him from the monsters. To his surprise, a bald man with a cape (Saitama) appeared and saved him from being killed.

One Punch Man Season 2 Episode 8 also showed a brief fight between Garou and Class-S Rank 12 hero Watchdog Man. Though he looked weak, Watchdog Man has succeeded to defeat all the monsters who tried to destroy City Q. Garou expressed strong confidence that Watchdog Man will be his third Class-S hero casualty. However, seeing how Watchdog Man moves and fights, the “Hero Hunter” is expected to have a tough time beating his next target.