Lamar Odom Claims He Was Poisoned By Brothel Owner Dennis Hof

Lamar Odom believes that Dennis Hof, late owner of the Bunny Love Ranch brothel where Odom was once found in critical condition, tried to “kill” him. Per Decider, the former basketball star made the comments earlier today while promoting his new book on The View.

The allegation came after TheView co-host Whoopi Goldberg brought up the October 2015 incident, in which the former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth. When Whoopi referenced an overdose, Odom immediately refuted claims that he had taken drugs.

“Dennis Hof, I don’t know what he had against me, but I didn’t do drugs that night, to be honest with you. So I don’t know if he tried to poison me.”

In response, Whoopi floated the idea that perhaps Odom had simply been fatigued that evening.

“Nah. He tried to kill me.”

When Joy Behar, another View host, asked if Odom can prove those claims, Odom replied that though he could not, his legal team had found witnesses at the brothel that could back up the allegation.

“My lawyer has workers at the brothel that said he tried,” said Odom.

“He almost succeeded,” he added.

Odom then repeated that he did not do any drugs while at the Bunny Love Ranch.

“I’ve been at odds with my daughter about this. Because she’s like, ‘Leave it alone,'” Odom said, referring to his continued insistence that he had not indulged in any substances.

“But I would like to clear my name,” the athlete concluded.

Lamar’s claims go against what witnesses told police back in 2015, per The Daily Mail. Two women whom Odom had hired for the evening claimed that Odom had gone into a bathroom, at which point they heard “snorting” sounds. They also said that Odom was sniffing when he returned to the room. It was later verified that Odom had cocaine in his system.

Sunny Hostin added that ABC was unable to verify Odom’s claims about being poisoned. Moreover, though Odom and his team might find evidence to implicate Hof, it will be difficult to bring the brothel owner to justice as he died from a heart attack in October 2018.

Lamar was on The View to draw publicity for his new book, Darkness to Light. The memoir covers his ill-fated marriage to Khloé Kardashian in addition to his battles with substance abuse and grief at losing his mother, grandmother and six-year-old son.

Darkness to Light is available in bookstores starting today, May 28.

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