Britney Spears' Most Recent Instagram Updates Concern Fans — 'You Don't Look Healthy'

Britney Spears took to her Instagram page on Tuesday to share a video in which she calls out her fans for not believing she is the one curating her account -- only to delete the original post, and then repost it minutes later.

In the video — captured in selfie mode — Spears states that she hopes to prove social media users wrong by showing that it is, in fact, she who controls her Instagram posts. The "Princess of Pop" paired this video with another clip in which she puts on an impromptu fashion show, strutting about in different outfits to the sound of Rihanna's "Man Down." As The Inquisitr recently noted, Spears alternates between three different outfits in the video as she walks toward the camera, doing little dance moves here and there.

Promoting a disheveled look, according to many Instagram fans — a look including messy hair and smeared makeup — struck Spears' fans as odd. The somewhat odd fashion show share did not dispel these notions for many of her critics. These two things -- coupled with the fact that she deleted her original post, and then reposted it -- prompted users to flock to her comments section to wonder what was going on.

"Are u OK... I am not gonna lie... the video is cringey [sic]," one user wrote.

"You don't look... healthy," another fan added.

"What is happening!!?????" a third Instagram user exclaimed.

"Genuinely concerned," yet another follower wrote.

While several fans simply shared emoji or otherwise positive comments, the majority of commenters appeared to think that the "...Baby One More Time" hitmaker was looking unwell.

According to Page Six, fans of the "Toxic" singer claimed that Spears' team has been sharing old videos of her to social media in order to make it seem like the 37-year-old is doing well amid an alleged mental health crisis. These rumors gained even more traction after her manager, Larry Rudolph, said that the singer may never perform again.

"Britney your fans we love you and we want good for you. Do not Believe your team or what they tell you. You sound very defensive with your fans Lov [sic] U Queen," one fan wrote, addressing her video.

In April, media outlets -- including TMZ and Variety, according to Vulture -- reported that the pop star had checked herself into a mental health facility at an undisclosed location, seeking treatment for alleged "emotional distress" amid her father's health issues. However, rumors emerged that Spears was being held at the facility against her will, allegations Spears denied while asking for privacy as regards her personal issues.