Jenelle Evans Reportedly ‘Stunned’ That She Lost Custody Of Her Kids, Will Stand By Her Husband

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

After an intense few days in court, it has been decided that Jenelle Evans will lose custody of her children temporarily. The Ashley’s Reality Roundup first reported that the decision had been made on Tuesday. A source also spoke to Radar Online and said Jenelle was told she had “failed” to protect her kids.

“The judge told Jenelle that she failed to protect the children while they were in her care.”

Currently, Jenelle and her husband’s kids are in the care of different family members. David’s daughter is with her maternal grandmother while Jenelle’s oldest son Jace will remain with Jenelle’s mom Barbara Evans (who already had custody of him.) Her daughter, Ensley, who she shares with David will also stay with Jenelle’s mom. Her son, Kaiser, will remain with his father, Nathan Griffith.

A source close to Jenelle spoke to E! News and revealed that Jenelle was “stunned” after learning of the decision in the custody matter saying, “Jenelle was stunned that the judge did not give her back the kids.”

The site also spoke to Jenelle’s mother who revealed she does indeed have custody of Jace and Ensley. She also revealed she would like to see her daughter regain custody of her kids, but noted that “certain things” would first need to happen.

“Of course I would like for Jenelle to get them all back eventually, but certain things have to happen first.”

Jenelle and her husband will reportedly be back in court next week to learn what happens next and what steps need to be taken. TMZ reports that the couple will have supervised visits with the children, but only for one hour a week. Reportedly, Jenelle and David will also have to take parenting classes as well as drug tests each week.

Jenelle’s kids were removed from the home following an incident where her husband killed her French bulldog. Reportedly, the dog had nipped at the couple’s 2-year-old daughter. Her son Kaiser was the first to be removed from her care, followed by her daughter and David’s daughter a few days later. After the incident, Jenelle was also let go from the reality show that made her well-known, Teen Mom 2. Despite everything, Radar Online’s source says Jenelle doesn’t have any plans to leave her husband.

“Jenelle is standing by David. Despite what happened, she has no plans to leave him.”

The Teen Mom 2 reunion is Jenelle’s final appearance on the show. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jenelle’s segment aired on the show Monday night in which she revealed that her past season had been “horrible.”