Ayesha Curry Hilariously Responds To Fan Who Asks If She’s Pregnant

Over the past few years, Ayesha Curry has managed to build a brand for herself. Many first got to know her as Golden State Warriors player Steph Curry’s wife. However, Ayesha has a passion for food and wanted to build a career for herself that reflected that love. She got her start by creating a lifestyle blog and YouTube channel, Little Lights Of Mine. Recently, she’s opened a restaurant and partnered with brands to bring her culinary vision to life, including a line of pots and pans that her fans can use at home.

She’s also been busy raising her three children — Riley, Ryan, and their youngest and first boy, Canon. After recently taking to Instagram to share a shot of her family and friends, according to Hollywood Life, Curry received a message questioning whether she had another baby on the way, based on her appearance in the photo. Curry was quick to respond, telling the fan “absolutely not LOL. My 30lb son is just breaking my back in every photo.”

Many fans embraced her honest and real response to the question, telling her that she looked amazing. They rallied around her, offering support with comments like “don’t let the enemies minions get to you! You’re blessed and loved” and “how rude? You never ask a woman that.”

Pregnancy rumors frequently surround celebrities, and can be sparked by a single unflattering photo. Ayesha won’t have too much time to dwell on individuals spreading negativity on her social media accounts, though. The Golden State Warriors will be heading to the NBA Finals for their fifth consecutive year, and Steph seems to want his family by his side. He celebrated a recent win with Ayesha and Canon on the sidelines, and even decided to bring his 10-month old son to the trophy presentation ceremony.

Ayesha Curry has been open and honest about her relationship with Stephen, and shared the importance of communication with Hollywood Life.

“Especially when we’re away from each other a lot, communication is so important. We literally talk to each other like 35 times a day. It’s a little crazy, but it’s important. He’s my best friend. I think that’s important too; your partner should always be your best friend. And, if they aren’t, then you’ve got problems.”

The Curry family hasn’t revealed who will be watching Stephen courtside in the finals. Ayesha has been spotted in the stands at many of his games before, so fans will have to keep an eye out to see if the camera pans from the action on the court to Ayesha at any point during the games.

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