‘General Hospital’ Weekly Previews: Jordan’s Running Out Of Time And Curtis Is Determined To Save Her

Craig SjodinABC

This week brings a lot of intensity during the next few episodes of General Hospital. Spoilers reveal that Jordan’s health crisis will be at the forefront of the action, and her husband Curtis is going to do whatever it takes to save her life.

Last week, viewers watched as heart problems complicated Jordan’s already fragile health status. Curtis made the connection that Ryan could be a kidney donor since Kevin had been a match, and Curtis rushed to get to Ryan before the Port Charles Police Department or Ava could end his life.

Of course, as fans know, Curtis was initially successful. However, Ava changed everything in one rash and vengeful moment as she stabbed Ryan. As The Inquisitr detailed, Ryan will seemingly be rushed into surgery as Tuesday’s episode begins.

Now a preview shared via Twitter reveals some additional General Hospital spoilers. Jordan will clearly be in rough shape and she’ll ask how much time she has left. The couple’s loved ones will stay right by her side, with Stella, TJ and Dr. Finn looking gravely concerned. Elizabeth will be seen looking in from the hallway as well.

Curtis already raced to Ava’s cabin to ensure that Ryan was kept alive and he isn’t about to drop this now. General Hospital spoilers share that he will voice his determination that he will manage to get Ryan’s kidney, whatever it takes, and his wife won’t be going anywhere on his watch.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this week may be filled with a lot of worries and waiting. Curtis will be hesitant to leave Jordan’s side, but by next Monday, things will change in a sense. General Hospital spoilers reveal that he will be willing to risk everything somehow, and this is surely still related to her plan to get Ryan’s kidney.

Not only will Curtis go all-out to save Jordan, it sounds as if Stella might too as she’ll be pleading her case. While this could be related to Mike, Yvonne, and Marcus in some way, it seems likely to be connected to Jordan. Kevin will do something sneaky, and again, it seems likely this will be connected to Ryan.

Will Ryan end up saving Jordan’s life? It looks like that is surely going to be the case. However, fans are curious about how this will fall into place. If Ryan were to end up on life support, Kevin could authorize donating the kidney as next of kin.

If Ryan were to recover, it seems unlikely he would agree to be a donor unless he was offered a juicy deal. Even then, considering his crimes, it seems a stretch to think a deal would be approved.

General Hospital spoilers appear to hint that Ryan might truly die this time, but it may take another week or so to find out how this progresses. Jordan and Curtis have plenty of reason to worry right now, but teasers suggest that soon they might be able to put this behind them and start to move forward on a happier note.