Beth Chapman Attacked By Twitter Trolls, Nephew Comes To Her Defense

Jason MerrittGetty Images

Twitter trolls are coming for Dog the Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman, but luckily she isn’t battling them alone. Beth’s nephew, Justin D. Bihag, tweeted out in defense of his aunt Monday afternoon after becoming tired of strangers coming after Beth for no reason whatsoever.

Most of the drama started when Beth publicly called out her stepdaughter, Lyssa Chapman, for not wishing her a “Happy Mother’s Day.” In the tweet from Beth, she noted Lyssa had texted the sentiment to several of Beth’s friends but neglected to speak with her. Beth also claimed Lyssa did not invite her and Duane “Dog” Chapman to their granddaughter’s graduation. This public spat caused Twitter users to get involved, several of whom were not on Beth’s side.

Beth later tweeted that she was muting and blocking people for the negative backlash she was receiving due to the feud with Lyssa. The 51-year-old also shared a screenshot of a direct message with a fan who became irritated with Beth when she didn’t respond to her.

All of the drama pushed Justin to step up, and his new tweet is gaining more support for his aunt.

“Cancer is no joke!” he tweeted. “And anybody who thinks you can tease or mock or hurt someone going through it, is not only disrespectful, but stupid [as f***]! Lost my grandfather last year, and it appauls [sic] me to see family or fans come after my Aunt at this time.”

Beth saw the tweet and responded back that she loved him. Fans of Beth also began commenting on the tweet from Justin saying they were upset with how people were treating Beth, especially after all she was dealing with. The famed bounty hunter is currently going through her second bout with throat cancer and has decided to forego chemotherapy and rely on faith.

Fans also shared stories of their own loved ones battling cancer right now and described how upset they would be if they were attacked for something so trivial. Justin did not tag anyone in his tweet or allude to any Twitter users he might have been referring to specifically but addressed all the trolls as a whole.

Since Justin and Beth have both begun speaking out against the Twitter attacks, some of the comments they have responded to have been deleted by the user who sent them. Family friends of Beth and Dog have also stood up to bullies on Twitter, which has prompted more deleted tweets.