Paul Rudd Anxious About David Schwimmer Joke In ‘This Is 40’

Odds are when Paul Rudd signed on to act in This Is 40, he wasn’t banking on making fun of David Schwimmer’s short comings. Rudd, who starred alongside Schwimmer for a number of years in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series found himself jumping on a bed with Leslie Mann talking about his sexual shortcomings.

What he probably wasn’t expecting from director Judd Apatow’s improvisation style was the fact that Schwimmer’s name would be inserted into the conversation for a quick pun about his sex life. Rudd spoke with ShortList magazine about the scene that sees Leslie Mann and Rudd jumping on a bed while high on a pot cookie as he yells the not-so-favorable comment about David Schwimmer.

Rudd opened up about the awkward improvised moment saying:

“I thought it was funny but Schwimmer is a friend of mine and I don’t want to say anything that would make him mad. So I laughed when I said the line because I thought that would ruin the take and it wouldn’t get used. When they asked me to do it again I said no, but then they ended up using that take in the movie.”

However, if Schwimmer’s lack of correspondence with Rudd is any evidence, it looks like the actor turned director is a bit miffed at his friend. Rudd explains:

“I’ve sent him an email. He hasn’t responded yet. I sure hope he does because I’m not kidding, I will lose sleep if he’s upset about this in any way. He’s a great guy.”

For arguments sake, perhaps David Schwimmer is too busy to field emails. Though one look at his bare IMDB doesn’t suggest that he has his hands tied.

Did you think the David Schwimmer joke in This Is 40 to be humorous?