AEW News: WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart Has A Scary Fall At ‘Double Or Nothing’


All Elite Wrestling’s Double or Nothing was a true treat for professional wrestling fans as it ushered in a brand new era. Finally, there may be a truly competitive nature again between different promotions, and AEW fired some big shots. One of those was having WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart unveil the AEW World Title to everyone, but the night of excitement turned scary very suddenly for the former champion.

After a great match between Cody and Dustin Rhodes, Hart was introduced to a very wild crowd that loved seeing him in AEW. As detailed by The Inquisitr, Hart went out to the ring and had the AEW World Title to show everyone for the very first time.

Hart ended up being interrupted by MJF who cut a promo on him and Adam “Hangman” Page before Jimmy Havoc and Jungle Boy made the save. After that, Hart showed the belt to all of the fans and held it high above his head to a great ovation.

From that point, though, things took a scary turn.

The entryway stage for Double or Nothing was split with two walkways leading backstage or out into the arena. Hart was walking back and didn’t seem to remember the split and he ended up falling off of the stage right where the ramp separated into two.

Interestingly enough, the fall by Bret Hart was not caught on video by AEW’s cameras and not by anyone else in the arena either. As of yet, there is not video of the fall, but one Reddit user did post a pic of Hart’s fall which can be seen at this link.

As shown in the pic, it looks like Hart took a pretty big fall and it is obvious by his body language that it was totally unexpected. The pic also shows that he fell off of the walkway at a rather high point that is elevated a great distance off of the arena floor.

While there aren’t a lot of photos, it was reported by many of those in attendance who happened to witness the fall.

Despite the height of the fall, PW Insider, by way of 411 Mania, reported that Hart is “OK” after the incident. It appears as if he may have slipped in addition to not remembering the walkway was split near the backstage area.

Bret “Hit Man” Hart has had a great couple of months which have also been quite horrible for him in ways. Last month, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a member of the Hart Foundation and then attacked by a fan. This weekend, he fell off the stage after introducing the AEW World Title for the first time. Hopefully his fall really was nothing serious and he’s going to be all right.