AEW News: Details On Jon Moxley’s Signing, In-Ring Debut Date, And Will Dean Ambrose Ever Return To WWE?

All Elite Wrestling could not have had a more impressive debut than they did with Double or Nothing on Saturday night. It delivered a number of great matches from some incredibly talented wrestlers, along with a few surprises. The biggest shock came at the end, when Dean Ambrose, now going by Jon Moxley, made his debut and took out both Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega after the main event.

The Inquisitr recapped all of the action and compiled the full results, but the eyes are now on the man now formerly known as Dean Ambrose. After the main event match between Jericho and Omega, the former decided to address the crowd in true heel fashion.

While Jericho was delivering his promo, Jon Moxley hopped the ringside barrier and jumped into the ring. The crowd was going absolutely insane as he took out Jericho and then turned to take out the referee as well.

That was when he turned his attention to Kenny Omega — he brought him up on stage and onto a stack of giant poker chips. Moxley delivered the Dirty Deeds and dumped Omega off of the chips and onto the floor below.

It was truly a great moment in professional wrestling, but was it a one-off happening? Some more information has come to light regarding Moxley’s signing with AEW, and it appears as if Dean Ambrose will not be back in WWE for quite some time.

Wrestling Inc. reports that AEW president Tony Khan has confirmed that Moxley signed a “multi-year contract” with the promotion. His first match with the company will be at the Fyter Fest in Daytona Beach on June 29.

There’s no concrete financial information in regards to Moxley’s contract with AEW, but Khan did say that he would be free to do some international independent dates as well. This is going to give Ambrose/Moxley newfound freedom for his career and character, which he said that he didn’t have while in WWE.

Speaking of WWE, Khan confirmed that conversations with Moxley started as soon as he was “officially free and clear” of his former promotion.

There were a number of reports going around that Ambrose was taking time off after not re-signing with WWE once his contract expired in April. Fans figured he would be back in due time, and that he simply needed some time away from wrestling to clear his head.

The man formerly known as Dean Ambrose appears well rested and ready to wrestle again. With Jon Moxley being a member of All Elite Wrestling, it doesn’t look like he’ll be heading back to WWE anytime soon.

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