‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Confesses Her Pledge Which Leaves Alexis Reeling

Craig SjodinABC Press

Although General Hospital will not be airing a new episode on Memorial Day, it looks like a lot of drama is in the pipeline for its return on Tuesday. Shiloh and his Dawn of Day cult have been the central storyline for weeks now. Sam has just been rescued by Jason from the clutches of the cult leader, and there is one person who will be happy to hear that her sister is safe and sound.

Kristina knows all about Shiloh’s cult, but she doesn’t know that Sam was willing to go through the whole initiation ceremony just so she could get the evidence she needed to take him down. There is also the matter of the pledge that Jason and Sonny need to get so that Shiloh doesn’t expose them. However, Kristina’s pledge is not about Sonny at all. The pledge is about Alexis, and the week of May 27 will be confession time, according to SheKnows Soaps.

Neil is still closely monitoring Kristina and he will pay her a visit on Monday. General Hospital spoilers indicate that he realizes Kristina is still bothered by something that she doesn’t seem to be able to say out loud. Somehow, he will convince her that she needs to spill whatever it is she’s hiding.

Alexis also assumes that the pledge is about Sonny, but she will be in for a shock when Kristina ends up spilling the secret that she told Shiloh. She confesses as a way to be free from Shiloh once and for all. Unfortunately, her confession will damage the already rocky relationship between her and her mother.

Alexis will be shocked and hurt that the pledge is about her and the night that Kiefer was run down by her car years ago. According to the details from the print version of Soap Opera Digest, Alexis will be supportive at first as to not rock the boat with her daughter. However, later on, Alexis begins to feel the hurt from knowing that Kristina focused the pledge on her and not Sonny.

That revelation totally blindsides Alexis, and she will be left to pick up the pieces. Although she is sorry for being that angry with Alexis, Kristina’s bold move involving her pledge to Shiloh is expected to lead to a fallout between the two.

Shiloh has certainly wreaked havoc in Port Charles, and there is much more to come this summer on General Hospital as the Dawn of Day leader continues to cause drama.