Kirsten Storms Claps Back After ‘General Hospital’ Fans Make Weight-Related Comments About Her

Kirsten Storms films scenes as Maxie on 'General Hospital.'
Michael Yada / ABC

Actress Kirsten Storms shares a lot of details regarding her personal life via her social media pages, and General Hospital fans love her for it. A recent post showed her shopping at Target — and sharing some fun details about what she was wearing — but unfortunately, some followers tried to make the post about her weight. Storms didn’t hold back in letting people know that she wasn’t going to let anybody get away with making her feel bad about herself, though.

On Thursday, the post in question was shared by the General Hospital star via Instagram. Kirsten wrote about how her daughter, Harper, loves shoes — a passion the 5-year-old gets from her dad, Brandon Barash, of Days of Our Lives. Storms also shared some scoop on her outfit, and the Gucci bag she had slung over her shoulder.

Thousands of Storms’ fans liked the picture and added supportive comments. However, at least a few tried to take things in a different direction. One user insisted that the photo Kirsten shared was an old photo, not a new one as the General Hospital actress implied. At least one other follower commented as to how it seemed that the actress has gained weight since this photo was taken.

Fans of Kirsten’s immediately stood up for the General Hospital actress. The implication that this was an older photo — of a time when Storms was slimmer — was not missed by anybody, including Storms herself.

Kirsten quipped about posting another photo showing her in the same outfit, but with her middle finger extended — a comment that many of her fans loved. The original commenter came back and claimed that her note had nothing to do with weight, and everything to do with Storms looking younger. However, this explanation didn’t halt the pushback coming from other fans of Storms.

In another section of the comments, Storms posted a lengthy reply. Kirsten pointed out that details about her health are nobody else’s business, and she added that she wasn’t about to tell everybody specifics about some weight she had temporarily gained. The General Hospital actress also said that she’s healthy — and feels good at any size — and it’s sad to see people focus on the status of her body.

This isn’t the first time that Storms has stepped up to share these kinds of comments via social media. General Hospital fans know that she has dealt with some health challenges off-screen over the past couple of years, but she has seemed to be in a strong, positive place for quite some time now.

Last year, some viewers started to speculate that Storms was expecting a baby in real life. Her character was pregnant, but this speculation came about, in part, due to her appearance at the time. As The Inquisitr shared back then, Kirsten did do her best to squash the speculation and rumors about her well-being.

By the looks of things, Kirsten’s fans loved her replies to those who felt it necessary to comment on her weight. The General Hospital star looked happy and adorable in the selfie she shared, and plenty of Storms’ followers made sure to comment on how gorgeous she looked.

Kirsten Storms is front-and-center these days on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that her character’s romance with Peter may hit a rough patch sooner rather than later. Her fans are thrilled to see her doing so well, and they clearly don’t hesitate to back her up when others get nasty on social media.