Desmond Bryant Mugshot: NFL Player’s Arrest Photo Goes Viral

A post-arrest photo of Raiders defensive tackle Desmond Bryant has gone viral, with many sports fans calling it the “best NFL mugshot ever.”

As The Inquisitr reported on Sunday, Bryant was arrested early Sunday morning on a charge of criminal mischief for allegedly going to a neighbor’s house while drunk and causing a commotion.

While Bryant’s arrest initially caused a few ripples in the sports world ( he was mistakenly confused with Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant at the time of the incident), his inebriated mugshot has literally created a tidal wave of attention for the previously unknown Raiders’ tackle.

Raiders enthusiast Victor Cotto shared the photo on Twitter on Monday afternoon, and Deadspin immediately capitalized on the incident, setting up a Photoshop contest that will ensure the Bryant’s legendary mugshot is never forgotten.

As pointed out by, Desmond Bryant isn’t the only Oakland player famous for a unique arrest photo.

In December 2011, Raiders LB Rolando McClain was busted for allegedly assaulting an individual, holding a gun to his head, and firing a shot next to his ear.

While being taken into custody, the 22-year-old athlete was photographed delivering the following toothy-grin that quickly became its own internet meme.

Rolando McClain arrest photo

Check out some of the entries to Desmond Bryant’s Derpy Mug Shot Photoshop Contest below:

desmond-bryant-mugshot photoshop contest 3 desmond-bryant-mugshot photoshop contest 4 desmond-bryant-mugshot photoshop contest 1 desmond-bryant-mugshot photoshop contest 2

Tell us: Is Desmond Bryant’s mug shot the greatest in the history of sports?