Lindsay Lohan’s Newest Court Complaint: Cops Are Mean

As the Lindsay Lohan saga continues to spiral even further into disarray under the leadership of her new lawyer, Mark Heller, the starlet’s complaints continue to mount. This time around, Heller has filed court documents in which Lohan essentially claims police are just plain mean to her.

Yesterday we reported that Heller claimed Lohan wasn’t mirandized before she was questioned following a June car crash. As we pointed out at the time, Lohan didn’t need to be mirandized because it is common practice to question people at the scene of a car crash.

In today’s ongoing saga, Heller says police endlessly grilled Lohan, adding that they went beyond a set of reasonable questions. Immediately responding to that accusation, the LAPD notes that Linday Lohan’s entertainment lawyer was present for the entire interview.

Heller is also claiming that Lindsay Lohan was held against her own will and that police said, if she refused to answer questions, “it would be worse for her.”

In the court filing, Mark Heller also claims that police made Lohan take a quick DUI test to determine if she was drunk. Heller notes that the “One-Leg Stand Test” proved her innocence.

Police, in the meantime, paint a very different portrait of the event. Officers on the scene of the accident and at the hospital claim Lohan lied from the beginning. As you may recall, Lindsay Lohan claimed she was not the driver of the Porsche. It was later discovered that Lohan lied to police, a lie she is now in court to face.