Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson Received Death Threats For Starring In A Pro-Trump Play, Says Swanson

Actors Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson are receiving death threats for starring in a pro-Trump play, USA Today reports.

The pair, themselves both Trump supporters, are set to play the two leads in the upcoming play "FBI Lovebirds: Undercovers," which is being produced by the same group of conservative filmmakers that produced an anti-abortion documentary that was screened in the White House.

Unfortunately for the pair, it seems that not everyone is happy with their career choices. Kristy, for example, says that she got a death threat via Twitter. The Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie, not the TV series) star shared a screenshot of a tweet from a hater in which the user suggested locking the doors of the theater and burning it down. She called that a "death threat" against herself and Dean, and wrote "please report."

It remains unclear, as of this writing, if anything came of, or will come of, the alleged threat. The account from which the alleged death threat came, @sponson, is still up and active as of this writing. Kristy herself confirmed later that she didn't get the justice she was hoping for.

"So it looks like this death threat was taken down, that is a good thing. But the person who posted the Threat... has NOT been banned," she wrote.

The play in question is less of a "play" and more of a "dramatic reading." In it, Dean plays Peter Strzok and Kristy plays Lisa Page. Strzok and Page, both FBI agents tasked at the time with investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, exchanged text messages with each other. Some of the texts between the two lovebirds, who were having an extramarital affair, were anti-Trump and pro-Hillary, a situation that some believe suggests that the investigation into Clinton's emails was tainted by biased FBI agents.

In the play, described by Politico as "Hamilton for the Make America Great Again crowd," Swanson-as-Page and Cain-as-Strzok will do dramatic readings of some of those text messages. And the producers hope that Donald Trump will be in attendance when the play is shown.

"We're lobbying the White House hard... We are being told the president loves the idea of exposing this," says an unidentified source associated with the production.

Dean and Kristy are perfect choices for their roles. She has said that she's "been MAGA since 1969" (1969 being the year she was born). He, similarly, is vocally pro-Trump, and has called the effort to move TV and movie production out of Georgia over its strict abortion laws "a joke."