'Southern Charm' Star Cameran Eubanks Wants Fans To Be Kind To Newbie Eliza Limehouse

Since the departure of cast member Thomas Ravenel from Southern Charm, a new friend was added to the roster, but it seems she's having a tough time adjusting to the less-than-friendly reception. But original cast member Cameran Eubanks wants fans to be patient and give Eliza Limehouse a little more time as she's experiencing "growing pains."

After the latest episode of the popular Bravo series aired Wednesday night, fans were not impressed by Eliza's second impression, so Limehouse family friend Cameran Eubanks Wimberly took a proactive approach and posted a photo and a note on her Instagram page as kindness to the Limehouses.

Cameran explained that being the new guy on a reality show is difficult, and as she is fond of Eliza's mother, she is asking that the fan base tone down the rhetoric.

"Alright listen here. Eliza is just going through some 'growing pains' on the show right now. Y'all Please be sweet to her. She is one of the kindest people I know. This is us, and her sweet Mama at my baby shower (that was not filmed). I hold these people very dear to my heart. Being new to a reality show is going to be nerve wracking to anyone."
Limehouse responded by thanking Cameran for her support. Yet many fans weren't accepting this, saying that this season was not Eliza's first appearance on the show, so it's not her first time in front of the camera. They also reminded Eubanks that at this point, everyone has to know there is perhaps some blowback from telling people that Thomas Ravenel, who was fired from the show, is "like family."

Many fans stated that after last season, they wouldn't watch if Ravenel's sometimes girlfriend returned, as it seemed cruel to everyone involved. Yet in the season preview, Bravo fans watched in slow motion as the hospice nurse returned to the show as an invited guest of Limehouse.

A number of posts wondered why someone who was obviously attempting to be so provocative needed defending. Some also objected to Cameran's tone, using the words "Alright, listen here" as if she was reprimanding those who were being critical of Limehouse.

The Instagram account @BravoSuperfans reminded Cameran that on the show, she seemed exasperated with the "sweet and kind" person.

"Well you seem annoyed with her on the show, and where was this charitable spirit with Kathryn?"
On Southern Charm, Eliza alluded to her own family drama, and a series of articles in FitsNews followed the trail of what must be humiliating, rivaling the current Thomas Ravenel legal drama.