Beth Chapman Shares Sweet Throwback Photos From Wedding To Dog The Bounty Hunter

Duane Chapman and Beth Chapman attend the 2013 CMT Awards
Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Beth Chapman and Duane “Dog” Chapman of Dog the Bounty Hunter fame are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary in the sweetest way. Married in 2006, Beth is the fifth wife of Duane, and the two have shared their love story over eight seasons on their hit reality series. Beth celebrated her marriage to Duane on Instagram by posting throwback photos of their romantic day all those years ago.

The new post from Beth contained four different images which were rather blurry, but still identifiable. The first displayed Beth walking down a staircase in her halter top wedding dress as she carried a white and pink bouquet full of lilies. The second image in the bunch was of Duane, who was also dressed in white, on a platform raft which was carried by four Hawaiian men in two canoes.

The third image was a close up of a larger family photo, but Beth zoomed in on Bonnie and Garry Chapman standing in front of their parents. Both now grown adults, the throwback photo of Bonnie and Garry proves just how fast time moves as they were just little kids when their parents finally tied the knot 13 years ago.

The final picture in the post was of the same image but zoomed out. It was now a large family photo which included Beth, Duane, and Leland Chapman. Leland is Duane’s son from his marriage to La Fonda Sue Honeycutt, but he has always appeared to have a good relationship with his stepmother.

In the caption for the post, Beth noted these photos were some of her favorites from her big day 13 years ago and her 450,000-plus fans began liking and commenting on the photo immediately.

“Wow doesn’t seem that long! I remember this episode and you were so gorgeous! I swear you don’t age Beth, you look younger today then you did 13 years ago,” one fan wrote.

“So beautiful! You are a true inspiration to me Beth! Many prayers for you and your amazing family,” another added.

Bonnie also commented among the fans and joked that she was arguing with Garry in the family photo.

Others began wishing Beth and Duane a continued happy marriage while many hoped for a speedy recovery from Beth. The famed bounty hunter is going through a second fight with throat cancer after previously defeating the disease last year. Last December, it was confirmed her cancer returned, and this time around Beth is foregoing chemotherapy.