May 30, 2019
Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Flaunts Her Long Legs In Mini Shorts

Hailie Scott, known as Hailie Jade on Instagram, treated her fans to a shot that showcased her killer pins. The Michigan native is best known as the daughter of rap legend Eminem and was immortalized in the hit single "Hailie's Song." However, the recent college grad has found fame in her own right, becoming a social media star with over 1.5 million followers.

In her latest photo, Hailie gives fashion advice to her fans, explaining that one of her go-to fashion secrets is that mules dress up any outfit. Though the psychology major has a large following on Instagram, she has not yet decided how specifically to focus her brand. Though she originally was leaning towards makeup, per The Daily Mail, this latest update may suggest that the rap princess may focus on showcasing her fashion chops.

In the picture, Hailie sports light blue mini shorts with white stripes, which show her long legs to their best advantage. In addition, she wears a flowy white tank top paired with a chic white double-breasted blazer. Jewelry includes a simple gold necklace and gold hoops.

Hailie finishes off the look with high heeled beige mules, which only seem to elongate her legs further. Her hair is styled into loose curls, her makeup is natural, and she sits at a cafe while sipping an iced coffee. On the table rests a matching white purse.

Already the snap has garnered 95,000 likes and over 700 comments.

Though Hailie did not list the location of the cafe, it is likely that it is Starbucks, as her drink features their signature green straw. This is not the first time that the Michigan State alumna has been photographed with a Starbucks beverage; in fact, since February, she has been pictured with a drink from the famous coffee chain at least five times.

This was not the only picture that Hailie posted during the week. The Instagram influencer also posted a picture the day before where she wears casual attire while posed on a staircase. Hailie celebrated that while she had been slacking with her fitness over the past couple of weeks, she finally went to the gym -- and she positively remarked that she felt "soooo good."

She is dressed in a black T-shirt and green and black snakeskin printed pants. Popping against the black patterns are white sneakers and two layered gold necklaces. In addition, Hailie accessorized with a black purse and a gold chain.

The picture was also popular with her fans, earning over 77,000 likes and 716 comments.