May 30, 2019
Assanti Brothers Weight-Loss Pictures: See How Steven And Justin Have Fared Since 'My 600-LB Life'

Steven and Justin Assanti are the closest that fans of My 600-LB Life will get to a soap opera, with the frequently dueling brothers struggling with their weight-loss journey and chafing against the instructions of experts brought in to help them lose weight.

Now fans have gotten the fourth update from the dangerously obese brothers, and there seems to be some significant progress to report. The Assanti brothers story has been one of the most infuriating for fans, as the initial program showed the two berating their father and pushing back against their treatment.

Things seem to have gotten at least a little bit better since then, and this week's episode seems to show some major progress. As Newsweek reported, Steven has since gotten married and Justin underwent weight-loss surgery -- though has struggled to actually stay with the program.

This time, the drama for the Assanti brothers started even before the episode aired. Justin spilled some secrets from inside the show on a Reddit post explaining what happened behind the most recent update, implying that the crew was trying to "trigger [his] PTSD" and blackmailing him into filming new scenes by threatening to withhold the $1,500 he was receiving for appearing, Starcasm reported.

Justin also shared that he and Steven don't have much of a relationship anymore. Viewers caught a glimpse of that during the episode when Justin bristles at the idea of Steven coming down during Justin's weight-loss surgery.

"There are a lot of things I'm not looking forward to right now," he says. "There's a part of me that just wants to forget about going down, and I'm not happy Steven's going to be around because I know he's just going to try to annoy me. But I want to get my life back on track … I'm ready, but I want to get it over with as soon as possible. I want to be done and move back up here to Rhode Island and get as far away from Steven again as possible."

As Distractify reported, both of the Assanti brothers seem to have lost weight, despite the trying circumstances. Justin has shown off some of his weight loss on his Facebook page, though Steven doesn't have as much of a presence on social media.
Fans looking for more updates from the Assanti brothers -- and new weight-loss pictures -- can keep an eye on the official My 600-LB Life page, where updates are regularly posted.