May 22, 2019
Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital': Surprises Galore At The Nurses Ball On Tuesday

Tuesday's General Hospital was chock full of surprises at the 2019 Nurses Ball. This was the main day for performances, and of course, plenty of drama mixed in. Viewers got to see some real talent on stage as well as some "guilty" pleasures.

There were many surprises during the show. Viewers knew it was coming, but Finn's marriage proposal was quite a surprise for Anna Devane. She was just on stage delivering her speech about AIDS and the Nurses Ball when the missing ring went rolling at her feet. As She Knows Soaps had indicated, Anna was confused as she looked off stage and saw both Robert and Finn. But Finn was the one who asked for her hand in marriage. Of course, she said yes.

Then Cameron Webber performed an amazing song called "North Star." It was actually an original tune that young actor William Lipton wrote. His character sang it perfectly, surprising everyone who watched it. The performance was a tribute to not only Oscar but to all of Cameron's close relationships in his life. Pictures flashed behind him of Oscar and Joss, his younger brothers, his mom Elizabeth, and even stepdad Franco. General Hospital fans have not stopped talking about how talented this young man is.

Speaking of Franco, he gave a surprise performance with none other than Liesl Obrecht. She was a surprise for both the guests at the Nurses Ball and for viewers. She started out singing "Guilty," which was originally sung by Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand. Liz and Cameron were stunned when they recognized Franco singing backstage. He later came out to finish the duet in person with Obrecht. It was a perfect combination and song for those two. They apparently have "nothing to be guilty of" as they both dropped their mics at the end to prove their point.

Then there was Ava. She did a sultry number to "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You." She even made the audience uncomfortable with that performance as she wiggled and squirmed on the piano. It was classic Ava Jerome. She may have totally impressed someone else though. Ryan is supposedly back and hiding out for the perfect moment to reunite with his goddess.
Nina was surprised when she overheard Willow on the phone saying that she has a child. If that wasn't enough to ruin Willow's night, she was frighteningly surprised when she turned around and saw Shiloh standing there. His surprise at the news that his ex had a baby will turn to anger on Wednesday when he demands she tell him the truth.

Wednesday is the last day of this year's Nurses Ball, but there is much more ahead. Josslyn is expected to perform her and Oscar's song as well as Michael coming to Willow's rescue. Stay tuned for much more as the General Hospital Nurses Ball comes to an end.