‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Fear Spreads In Port Charles As Ryan Returns For Round 2

There is more trouble brewing as news of Ryan's return spreads fear in Port Charles.

General Hospital stars Maura West and Jon Lindstrom.
Michael Yada / ABC Press

There is more trouble brewing as news of Ryan's return spreads fear in Port Charles.

Ryan Chamberlain is back for revenge on ABC’s General Hospital. He almost killed Laura and Curtis while they were tracking him down in Canada, but at least they got out before the explosion happened. This gave a chance for the serial killer to get a head start to begin round two of his revenge against the trusty citizens of Port Charles. But this time they have a warning that he is alive and well. Curtis called Chase to warn him that Ryan is on his way back.

He is not only back, but he has already knocked his twin brother, Kevin Collins, out backstage at the Nurses Ball. The previews for Wednesday’s General Hospital reveal that the news of him being alive is spreading. It looks like Mac and Felicia will confront Lulu Falconeri with the terrible news that her attacker is still out there. She isn’t going to take the news well at all. Who could blame her? She almost died after Ryan’s brutal attack. As for Ava, Soap Central indicates that she will leave the Nurses Ball quickly. Will she catch wind of Ryan’s return before she slips out?

Ryan is back for Ava, just as Felicia predicted. She had previously told Ava that she knows exactly how Ryan works and that he would eventually be back for her if he was still alive. That prediction has come true and now more lives are in danger. The plan to lure him out of hiding may have worked too well.

Also in the previews for Wednesday, Scott is startled as he suddenly turns around and calls out Ryan’s name. Is he just spooked after hearing the news? Kevin was previously seen lying on the floor unconscious. He could have possibly woken up. The bad thing is that now Ryan will be able to pretend to be his brother again. With both running around Port Charles, Kevin could be mistaken for Ryan.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Ava will bide her time. She wants to confront Ryan herself for all of the damage he did in her life. However, she confessed to Kevin that she still can’t shake her feelings for Ryan, despite him killing her daughter. It could be quite a conflict for her if she does come face-to-face with her ex.

The above spoilers also suggest that Scott will be there for Ava through all of this. Viewers know exactly how he feels about Ava Jerome and they are hoping that these two will eventually get together after this Ryan charade is over. But for now, Ava will be leaning more on Scott than ever before. She will definitely need it.

Will Ryan claim any more victims this time around? Keep watching General Hospital in the coming days as all will be revealed soon.