Lupe Ontiveros’ Family Not Happy With Oscars Snub During ‘In Memoriam’ Segment

Selena star Lupe Ontiveros‘ family is upset that the Oscars left their family member out of last nights In Memoriam segment. Lupe was an active member of the Hollywood community and appeared in dozens of films over her 30 year career.

Among her movies were Real Women Have Curves, As Good as It Gets, and The Goonies. Most recently, Lupe appeared as a character on the popular Desperate Housewives TV series.

Ontiveros passed away in July 2012, but, during the awards ceremony, there was no mention of her career.

Lupe’s entire family gathered around the TV to watch the Oscars, believing that she would be in some way honored by the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences. Instead, the In Memoriam segment completed without a single mention.

After the Academy Awards, Ontiveros’ son Elias told TMZ that the family was most upset that lesser known people were left off the honorary segment.

The family may be upset, but actor George Clooney did warn family members that not every fallen member of the Hollywood community would be mentioned. Before the In Memoriam clip began, Clooney proclaimed:

“For for those friends who are on this list tonight, and many others who aren’t, we thank you for the memories.”

It should be noted that Lupe Ontiveros wasn’t even the biggest Hollywood star to be left off the list. Famed actor Andy Griffith was also not mentioned.

Other people to be left off the In Memoriam segment include directorGore Vidal and Sherman Hemsley.

As we previously reported, some people wonder if Lupe was left off the video segment on purpose.

Do you think the Oscars should have included Lupe Ontiveros given the numerous films she played a part in?