New York Lawmakers Revise Bill To Obtain Donald Trump’s State Tax Returns

As The Inquisitr reported, New York’s Senate approved a bill earlier this month that — if signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo — would give Congress the ability to obtain President Donald Trump’s state tax returns. And on Sunday, members of the New York state Assembly made some changes to the bill.

NBC News reports that the changes add limitations upon the tax returns which Congress would potentially be able to access. In particular, the bill now only allows access to returns filed by individuals serving federal, state, and local public offices — as well as entities that these individuals are involved with.

Before the changes, the bill could potentially be used to obtain tax returns from any New Yorker. The changes narrow the scope of the law to select categories of people, such as the President of the United States and members of Congress from New York, per The Buffalo News.

The bill also redefines the purposes that the three congressional committees can claim in order to obtain tax returns — replacing a “specified and legitimate legislative purpose” with any “legitimate task” of Congress — and requires the redaction of federal tax information from the state returns.

Democratic state Representative David Buchwald, one of the sponsors of the legislation, believes that the recent changes strengthen the bill.

“While I don’t necessarily think that the amendments were required to get the bill passed, this and other [changes] made the bill stronger and better, and that’s what the legislative process is all about.”

“His office has been involved in discussions,” he said of Cuomo’s support of the recent changes to the bill.

The new bill is expected to face a vote on Wednesday. Afterward, it needs to be signed by Cuomo, who has previously said he supports the bill.

“I am supportive of that bill. I believe it’s going to pass.”

As The Inquisitr reported, Democratic Assemblywoman Pat Fahy previously rallied in support of the bill, and dismissed accusations that it’s a partisan move. She suggested that the bill was narrowly written to avoid this, and the new changes may support her case.

“I think it makes a lot of sense. I think we are at such an unprecedented and disturbing time since we are at such an impasse with co-equal branches of government at the federal level,” Fahy said.

By refusing to release his tax returns, Trump has broken a decades-old tradition. This decision has evidently driven Democrats to make every effort to obtain them. Although Trump’s state tax returns won’t contain the same information as his federal returns, they will reportedly include overlapping information.

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