Meghan McCain Dragged On Twitter For Spoiling ‘Game Of Thrones’ Ending, ‘View’ Fans Call For Her To Be Fired

Lou Rocco / Walt Disney TelevisionABC

Meghan McCain is in hot water after a “Hot Topics” segment on The View. During a Monday morning segment on the ABC talk show, McCain spoiled the ending to the Game of Thrones series finale, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. Now, fans of the HBO fantasy drama want to see McCain go for good after having ruined the highly anticipated finale for GoT fans across the country.

After blurting out the Game of Thrones ending, Meghan McCain blamed The View producers for not warning her not to give away the ending to the show, per Deadline.

“You guys are genuinely upset! Why is this a Hot Topic then, if I’m not supposed to talk about it?! I don’t know why I have notes for a Hot Topic that I wasn’t supposed to talk about.”

McCain blew the Game of Thrones plot by telling fans she spent eight years of her life watching the show, only to see a “HORRIBLE” ending. She then spilled the show’s outcome, and revealed who she thought should have won the battle to rule. Meghan McCain’s View co-host Sunny Hostin — who revealed that she had not watched the finale yet — screamed at her co-star in exasperation. McCain defended her actions by calling herself a “dedicated fan,” and said she watched the finale live last night “like everyone is supposed to.”

While Meghan McCain eventually apologized — and warned West Coast Game of Thrones fans not to watch The View— she faced the wrath of some social media users later in the day. Game of Thrones fans took to Twitter to accuse McCain of purposely ruining the finale, and to call for her firing from the ABC chatfest.

“Thanks for ruining the ending of Game of Thrones for many of us who have not seen it yet,” one fan tweeted. “I think you did it on purpose, too bad you could not be like your dear father. You are ruining the view. There is a petition going around for you to be fired.”

Another fan tweeted, “So @MeghanMcCain should be fired by @ABCNetwork for spoiling the ending of #Game of Thrones on #TheView this morning, what a f**king idiot.”

Many other Games of Thrones fans posted reactions to Meghan McCain’s faux pas. Some fans questioned why McCain think it’s up to her to decide when “dedicated” fans should watch the show. It is clear McCain ruined the long-awaited finale for a lot of viewers who were unable to watch the episode live on Sunday night.

You can see some of the reaction from furious Game of Thrones viewers below, including a clip of McCain’s spoiler.

(Warning: The clip below contains serious spoilers concerning the Game of Thrones series finale.)

ABC has not responded to Meghan McCain’s on-air Game of Thrones slip-up, but this is not the first time fans of the daytime chatfest have called for her firing. Last month, many View fans were upset by the tone taken by McCain in engaging with her co-host, Joy Behar. Some dissatisfied fans petitioned ABC to fire her. During a political argument, McCain abruptly told The View veteran, “Part of your job is to listen to me.”

The View airs weekdays on ABC.