‘Supernatural’ Season 9 Will Have More Misha Collins As Castiel

He may not be the longest running character in Supernatural, but Castiel (played by Misha Collins) has become a fan favorite. Ever since joining the show way back in season four, Castiel has been one of those characters who has gained a strong following thanks in large part to his part “fish out of water” and part “avenging angel” character.

Whether turning evil. or going insane, Castiel (lovingly referred to as “Cas” by Sam and Dean) has often played an important role in the direction the show has taken. In this, the show’s eighth season Castiel has had a smaller role.

Despite ratings that are coming close to being their best ever, the showrunners seem to realize that the fans love the chemistry created by the action triangle of the Winchester brothers and their friendly hand of God.

IGN.com is reporting that Supernatural writers have decided to move Misha Collin’s character from the “recurring character” category to the “series regular” designation. This is quite the step for a character that some thought they had seen the last of after the season six finale.

It didn’t take the people in charge of the show long to figure out that his character was too popular to scuttle for good. TVLine is reporting that Castiel will do more than just make appearances in the season nine episodes. The site reports that Collins will even direct at least one of the episodes.

It wasn’t that long ago that Supernatural itself had to make a bit of a comeback. Rumors persisted that season seven would be its last, almost until the season finale aired. The stars and the network soon decided that they had to bring the show back for another season.

Not long after that, they decided that eight wasn’t going to be enough and gave the series an early renewal for season nine.

Are you excited about more Misha Collins on Supernatural?

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