Comedian Ashley Nicole Black Asks If Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For Her Love Life — Warren Answers: ‘DM Me’

Drew AngererGetty Images

Elizabeth Warren really does have a plan for everything.

The Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential candidate has gained fame for her incredibly detailed plans to address some pressing issues like the pending student loan crisis and protecting abortion rights. This weekend, comedian Ashley Nicole Black took to Twitter to pose the question, “Do you think Elizabeth Warren has a plan to fix my love life?”

Warren is apparently working on it.

In a viral reply, Warren told the comedian to drop her a line so they can work out the issues together.

“I knew I could count on you,” Black answered.

The exchange gained some viral interest, with many giving Warren high marks for social media engagement. Warren has been among the most active of the Democratic presidential candidates in using the social media platform to her advantage, using Twitter to disseminate details of her plans and frequently going on the attack against Donald Trump.

It remains to be seen what effect that may have on her candidacy. Warren has been near the top of the crowded field of more than 20 Democratic candidates, but solidly behind frontrunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Recent polls have shown Warren on something of an upward trajectory, moving solidly into third place in most recent polls, but would need to make a big jump before the actual voting starts early next year.

Warren’s growing reputation as the most detail-oriented candidate in the race could help that some, especially after her plan to protect abortion rights drew viral interest in the wake of restrictive abortion laws that have passed in a number of states, chiefly Alabama. Warren earned praise for her comprehensive plans on an issue that has the support of a majority of Americans.

It’s not clear what kind of plan Warren might come up with to fix Black’s love life, but she may have some competition for the comedian’s political allegiances. Earlier this year, the Full Frontal correspondent announced that she was running to be Senator Cory Booker’s first lady.

Booker, who would be just the second bachelor to become president, apparently has an open offer from Black to change that status.

“Yesterday, Cory Booker announced his candidacy for president,” Black said in an official-looking campaign video, via Vulture. “Today, I announce mine for first lady.”

It remains to be seen whether Elizabeth Warren might be able to solve Ashley Nicole Black’s love life woes.