Spoilers For ‘The Young And The Restless’: Summer Makes A Shocking Choice

Johnny VySoap Opera

New The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Summer must make a big choice, and the one she makes is shocking.

Summer (Hunter King) knows her mom is spiraling. She also knows that ratting Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) out to Jack (Peter Bergman) really hurt. Summer wants to try to ease the awkwardness between herself and Phyllis, according to She Knows Soaps. To achieve that, Summer apologizes to her mother and asks how she can make the whole thing up to her, but Phyllis gives her daughter a surprising answer.

Phyllis begs Summer to quit her new job at Jabot and come to work for her in the accessories business. Summer hates that Jack has gotten into the same area because of her, but she’s not willing to leave Jabot. Of course, Phyllis thinks that Summer is working for Jack to try to remain close to Kyle (Michael Mealor) or perhaps even get some type of revenge on him. However, Summer insists that she genuinely loves her job marketing Jabot’s new collective. She’s thriving there despite the situation with Kyle and the awkwardness of working for the same company that just fired her mom as its CEO. While Phyllis doesn’t feel Summer will ever get appropriately recognized at Jabot, Summer is confident the job is an excellent fit for her, which, of course, enrages Phyllis. She believes that the company was hypocritical for firing her when everybody else there has done far worse things that hurt Jabot.

Since Summer refuses to leave Jabot and work with her mother, Phyllis moves forward and launches her own website ahead of Jabot’s new website, which could cause her issues. After all, according to The Inquisitr, Michael (Christian LeBlanc) offered Phyllis some legal advice to abandon her plans of revenge on Jabot, but it does not seem as if she’s willing to listen to anybody in her life. At this point, Summer, Michael, and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) have all advised Phyllis to move forward another way, but she won’t.

As for Summer, she goes to Jack about Kyle’s lack of focus at work, and Jack agrees to talk to Kyle, which seems like part of Summer’s overall plan for revenge against Kyle. In the end, Jack removes Kyle from the project, which doesn’t sit well with him, but Summer reminds Kyle it will give him more time with Lola (Sasha Calle.) In the end, Summer does what she wants without regard to Phyllis or Kyle.